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Today we were driving home, and dad was talking to me about some things to do with ancient Greek History. Then, dad kept rambling on, and wouldnt let me finish what I wanted to say, and I mentioned how my public High school’s, Grade 12 Ancient History class will probably mention Our LORD in History, then dad kept going on, and he mentioned the point I told him a while back, about how our Faith teaches that Our LORD is always in the present, never in the past or future and he corrected me for mentioning our LORD and History as if Our LORD was just SOMEONE historical (I know HE isnt), then he told me that he is crazy/nuts/militant about this kind of thing.

Here is the part Im afraid is sinful

I then told him that I could see that he is^^^^^ (the things he said about himself above), in impatience sort of, but I blurted it out.

Mortal sin?

Mortal sin: No.

Venial sin: Probably.

One scrupulous poster assessing another scrupulous poster’s actions. That is not likely to help either of you.

PLEASE get professional help.

You always come in at the right time. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Question: what if someone says, “Yes, it’s mortal?”

BTW I saw a good video with cardinal Arinze where someone was asking him about a situation and whether it was mortally sinful. The good Cardinal said, “You don’t need a Cardinal from Rome to answer this question. Just ask a first communion class. What would they say?”

his Excellency is the BEST!! he is just too cool :cool:

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