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HI I have a couple of questions about events today that I just want to make sure are not mortal sins,
I went to confession last week and have been trying hard to do good. Today I was at a gas station and they were working on pumps and a lot of pumps were out of order. I pulled up to one and someone starting to back up so i honked at them and kinda sat their hoping theyd leave . they kept backing up so i let them have it but i honked again as i was going to another pump. was that a sin. I prayed for them on the drive home. Also I got a box of poptarts today and throughout the day ate them all along with a regular lunch and dinner. Was that Gluttony. I sure didn’t mean it to be.

On the difference between mortal and venial sin:

Also, don’t confuse the “Seven Deadly Sins” with mortal sin. Not the same thing.

Dear taylormcbee,

Your self-reflection on these events is already a grace. Praise be to God for that awareness. The way you described your actions at the gas station, it does sound like you were uncharitable towards another person. He did something that offended you – and may have even caused an accident. So, being angry or frustrated is a natural reaction, but showing anger by honking aggressively may not have been necessary.

Do you normally eat a box of PopTarts? If not, then it probably was excessive. Why did you eat all of them throughout the day?

Confession is a beautiful thing. I pray that you are drawn to it regularly. It’s like a bath for your soul. It should feel refreshing. I also pray that you will continue to examine your conscience as you have been doing. The Holy Spirit will give you the graces to become even holier. :thumbsup:

God bless,


I’m not a priest but if it were me I don’t think I’d worry about it. If you were to get out and say “What the #^&* are you doing?!” and start fighting about it, that would be a different story! As for the pop tarts, I really don’t know either. I’m sort of in the same boat I bought some candy today and having eaten more than half of it I think I oughta put the rest away.

I can’t say for certain, but I think you’re being a bit scrupulous. The things you mention might be venial sins, but I really doubt either was a mortal sin. I’m not saying venial sins should be taken lightly though. I just warn you against becoming too scrupulous. You are in my prayers.


You ate a whole box of poptarts by yourself? You are undoubtedly doomed the the lowest level of hell along with my wife, for whose immortal soul I pray incessantly for similar sins. I found her with a half box of tim tams last week!
You honked another driver for taking your place in the Queue? Even the Holy Spirit would have difficulty forgiving that one. Now don’t be silly! And she wasn’t even repentant ! Wait til I dob her into her weight watchers’ overseer.

For goodness sake, you are worried about nothing! Scrupulosity can be a real problem when you are worried about the mercy of Christ. Try hard to be charitable at all times but don’t expect immediate sainthood! Talk to a good listening priest about how to see sin in your life. Christ is your Father, not some horrible head master ready to judge every action of your ordinary day.

Uh-huh, what he said.

I wouldn’t worry about these things…there’s almost something funny about someone in hell for eating Poptarts–I know you aren’t saying this. But you might be a bit of a worry-wart on this one. If these are your big sins…well, I envy you. Wait, that’s another sin. Just be glad you’re not me :wink:

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