Mortal Sin Question

OK I’ll keep this short. Basically I confessed a certain mortal sin. Then, weeks later remembered another mortal sin that was attached to it. I confessed it. Trouble is, in hind sight, I’m wondering if I got the details right. Im having trouble 100% discerning the sin. I’m scared my mind is playing tricks on me. I have no fear of confessing again. I want my soul clean. Any tips on discernment? In confession, I told my priest I thought hard about it, tried to keep my mind from racing off, and believed I had it right. Will God condem me for something like this?

You’ve confessed and been absolved, while giving the best information that you remembered at the time. God understands that time had elapsed so your info may not have been exact. You confessed it. Trust that in your absolution Christ’s Mercy is there for you.

Well stated.

Well said.

Exactly. Try hard not to fall into the trap of scrupulosity. Scrupulosity is a form of OCD - but it stems from lack of trust in the mercy of God. The best advice? If you honestly forgot to confess a given sin, don’t worry about it - Jesus has forgiven you.

God knows you tried your best and confessed with the best intentions. There are sins I have forgotten from years gone by but I always try my best to confess if it’s a serious sin to me, but I think after we have confessed our sins and say “for these and all the other sins I cannot now remember I am heartily sorry” is for those sins we forget. We are only human God knows this and knows us better than we know ourselves.

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