Mortal sin question

I had a question about mortal sin. I know it is a mortal sin to deliberately miss Mass on Sunday. My question is sort of unique though: I went to Mass this past weekend (Saturday anticipation Mass), but my wife didn’t. The reason was because the next morning (Sunday), we had a lot of snow. I advised her not to go to Mass because I hadn’t even shoveled the driveway yet. However, the weather got better as the day went along, and we ended up clearing off the driveway. But I never advised my wife to try to go to a Mass later on that day, and I knew of at least one Sunday afternoon Mass nearby. My question: Am I held morally responsible for her missing Mass? Thanks, and Merry Christmas to all on here!!

Unless your wife can’t drive herself, or needs your permission to leave the house, going to Mass was her responsibility. I think you behaved responsibly by suggesting it was too dangerous to drive in the snow. I normally go to 9am Mass, but couldn’t even get out of my driveway. I did, however go at 5:30pm at another church.

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