Mortal Sin, St Bridget of Sweden


This quote makes me feel as if one could unintentionally go to hell. Unintentional sins out of weakness maybe? That’s what it implies!!! I thought to be a mortal sin it had to have “sufficient reflection!”

This makes me feel totally hopeless. I have a propensity to impatience, anger and irritation, I go to confession weekly over it with complete resolve to never again get angry again. If I die at the wrong time—before I get to confession, I’m going straight to one of these degrees of hell (and yes my anger is a mortal sin because I act on it)!!! I want to cry?

Can someone explain this quote in the image please? PLEASE in a way that brings some hope?

Can someone explain this please? (St B of Sweden)

Do you really believe that someone can voluntarily go to Hell? I know that nowadays, many seem to say that. But it’s absurd, no one can deliberately go to Hell, it’s God who sends unrepentant sinners to Hell.
To commit a mortal sin, you just have to know that what you do is an evil. So when one steals, when one commits adultery etc, no need to deliberate long, one knows that what one does is forbidden not the divine law. Weakness diminishes the imputability of sin, it does not suppress it.


Confession is not a game of “gotcha!” where if you go regularly but just don’t happen to get there at the very last moment (perhaps even because your church doesn’t schedule it till a certain day) you go to Hell. If you are actually contrite about your sin, and had every intention of confessing it to a priest on your normal confession day, God would take that into account.

Also, while it’s good for you to confess your sin of anger, your priest and God are the ones who determine if a sin is mortal. Your own judgment might not be the best in that regard.

I would suggest that the next time you commit a sin that you think is bad, but cannot immediately go to Confession, simply make an act of contrition to God and resolve to mention the sin in Confession as soon as reasonably possible, and not worry about it.


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