Mortal sin -- taking pictures

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I don’t feel as if I need to go into details. Temptation sometimes governs my will, and leads me to do things that cause immediate regret.

I was on a inappropriate, “adult” chat site where things are discussed that won’t be repeated here. I was enticed to send a picture of my male genitals, and I did. Yes, please refrain from telling me how stupid this was–I know. Secondly, I covered my tracks in how I sent the picture (a sense of shame that should have overpowered the temptation). I don’t know if “she” got it or not.

But since that evening – a few weeks back – I have not returned, and I’ve done my best to practice chastity of mind and body. I went to confession, and confessed all except for this act of taking a picture and sending it. I simply forgot to mention it. Now, I’m not sure if what I did was a mortal sin or not. I can find nothing that relates to it. So can someone please answer me this: is what I did a sin? (The taking of and sending a picture of my genitals)

I would like to go to mass, but I do not want to commit sacrilege against the True Presence.

Thank you.

Yes, it was grave matter and should be confessed. Resolve to avoid such internet sites permanently.

By the way, you should still go to Mass even if you cannot receive Holy Communion.

Go back and confess this sin. Do not let shame and guilt keep you away from the Eucharist. Pray for strength and courage to avoid repeating this mistake in the future; God will never stop loving you and wants you back.

If you forgot to mention it, that alone would not invalidate your Confession, but you do need to confess it the next time around.

Also, don’t be embarrassed or distressed about asking questions about sexual or weird things on here. :thumbsup:

You went to confession but forgot to confess it. As long as you didn’t “forget” to confess it on purpose, you’re OK to go to communion- just mention it next time you go to confession. At the end of your confession, say “I also forgot to mention in a past confession that I sent an immodest picture to another person once.”

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