Mortal Sin that becomes a habbit

I am currently fighting mortal sin that has become a habit (lust) any advice and over coming this other than trusting in the Lord and his Blessed Mother.

Hi cleansebyfire,

Here are some things you might find helpful:

**1. Frequent Confession: **Go to Confession as often as possible. Once a week would be a good start. Even if you haven’t committed a mortal sin, it’ll help you get in the habit of nipping it in the bud early.
**2. Daily Examination of Conscience: **Like above, this will help you to identify sins early. Mortal sins start out as venial sins. If you can identify the little sins and stop them, you will prevent the mortal sins from even happening. Each night say a prayer to the Holy Spirit and then make a good examination of conscience. This will help you make better confessions as well.
**3. Daily Rosary: **Like you said, Mary is a great mother to turn to for purity. A rosary every day will help strengthen your resolve to beat this sin. Ask her to pray for your purity.
**4. Frequent Communion: **If you can do it, mass every day would be awesome. For the times when you are in the state of grace, it will help you stay that way. If you commit a mortal sin, going to mass and not receiving helps to reinforce the idea that your sins are separating you from God. It will help you to see the ugliness of sin better.
**5. Hail Mary for every impure thought: **Lust always starts with a thought. Again, stamp it out the second it occurs. Whenever you have an impure thought, or start getting the temptation, immediately make the sign of the cross and say a Hail Mary. This will help to psychologically reinforce purity in your mind. If you’re in public, just make a small cross on your forehead with your thumb and say the prayer silently. Or make a mental note to say one later when you’re alone.

Finally, if all the above don’t seem to help, get a spiritual director. I hope this helps! Please feel free to post back anytime. I will pray for you.

If you keep lapsing into the same set of sins, that is a good sign that you are not doing enough to fight them. Therefore, you need to do more to fight them. You may need to radically reorder your life.

“Trust in the Lord and his Blessed Mother” is good advice as far as it goes. That is the attitude you should have, but it should really transform and transfigure your entire life. If you love God then you will live according to that love. You will pray often. You will avail yourself frequently of the Sacraments. You will be mindful of doing things that are pleasing to him (e.g., being attentive to your duties, avoiding sinful thoughts and words, etc.). And so on.

I can’t give you sound advice because I don’t know how your life is ordered now. Obviously, though, the first thing to do is to remove all near occasions of sin. This probably means no longer watching TV and it almost certainly means finding ways to occupy your spare time. I often find myself entertaining lustful thoughts when I am doing something kind of mindless like playing video games; I find that when I do something more complex like reading or calculus homework I’m generally free of such temptations.

At any rate, you need to examine your own life, look at the patterns of behavior that immediately precede each instance of sin you commit, and then think about ways to disrupt that pattern.

Thank you for the advice.

I have recommitted the same sins for over a week now when I had a serious examination and entered confession upset and angry with myself and left in tears.

I find difficult and put it down to the grace of god and I am guard on against them reoccurring again.

As for the Sacraments I got to mass 3 times minimum a week this mainly to due to work. I am taking reconciliation every week. I also go to Benediction on Thursday evenings sometimes.

I think I knew what I was doing was but this involved pornography and happened whilst I was lapsed catholic. I guess it take time for me to victorious through the grace of god.

Thanks again and god bless.

I wish you the best and will keep you in my prayers. Please keep us informed and let us know if you require more advice from us.

You may benefit from having a regular confessor as well.

In addition to the good practices of the faith and virtues above, you may want to consider that sin, and lust especially, thrives in isolation. We give in to lust in isolation, then comes the shame, the shame causes more isolation. Working your way out of an addiction to lust will almost universally require the help of someone else, whether it be a support group, bible study, ministry, etc…

Thanks everyone. I am seeing a regular confessor and seeing him every week until this is defeated.

Also my fiancée is helping me out with this.

As for joining a support group, etc. I don’t know where those are near me I have asked my priest and he didn’t know ever.

I live in the Archdiocese of Birmingham UK and if any knows of such groups your help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks and God Bless

Having the fiancé in the loop is a huge step. You are ahead of most people who are completely isolated in this struggle.
I do not attend an SA group or any other lust-specific group. I have a group of guys who are in a bible study together and we share accountability with these problems. It is a huge source of strength with me.
Initially I avoided doing parish ministry out of shame. Don’t fall into that trap. Become involved in opportunities to help people in the parish or general public/ Going out of one’s self is a huge help in defeating lust.

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