Mortal sin to watch orange is the new black?


Is it a mortal sin to watch this TV show because of the amount of sexual content it has in it? I’m not watching it for that kind of stuff just for the story and the humor, but I know beforehand that scenes of that nature might come up. When a sexual scene comes up I just close my eyes and don’t listen, but sometimes I’m not quick enough and I might glimpse something but not on purpose. I have decided that I’m just going to stop watching this TV show altogether, but I want to know if I have committed a mortal sin by watching it.
Thanks in advance for all responses!


Greetings kmcbridehp,

It is only a mortal sin if you intend it to be.

Committing a mortal sin requires: Committing an act of grave matter, Knowledge the grave matter is evil, Intent to commit that evil.

For some it may be a sin.

For most it may be only vicious . . . that is inciting to vice, which can lead to sin.



I think it could be a near occasion of sin for some people, but not necessarily so for all. There are plenty of examples of art that depict nudity, even among the Vatican’s collection, are that are not intrinsically immoral. Personally I don’t find “Orange is the New Black” arousing or an occasion of lust at all…not even remotely. The sexuality and nudity in that show is more meant to convey the crudeness, the baseness, the vulnerability of life in prison than to be pornographic.


Since the last question I read from you asked if doing homework on a Sunday is a mortal sin, I assume you are a teenager.

That is an adult show and you should refrain from watching it. I am not sure why your parents would allow you to watch that.

If you are having trouble distinguishing what a mortal sin is, talk to your pastor about it.


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