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When someone commits a mortal sin and is too embarassed to even tell the priest at reconciliation, can God still forgive you if you pray and if you’re a devout Catholic?

Praying and asking God for forgiveness is not the way we as Catholics have our mortal sins forgiven. You need to go to the sacrament of confession in order to have your mortal sins forgiven. If you are embarrassed, go to confession behind the screen anonymously so the priest cannot see you and no matter how embarrassing the sin is, the priest has probably already heard it. My advice, pray to prepare for confession asking God for courage and humility and get yourself to confession as soon as you can. I will pray for you.

God Bless,

If you go to confession frequently, it gets easier and easier to open up. The priest is there to help you, not hurt you, and they’ve heard *everything *before - trust me.

no you are not forgiven for this sin because,i am asumming that one has gone to confession and did not confess this sin,you deliberately with held this sin.And ,by personal experience, one will continue in this sin and soon will aviod the sacrement of reconcillation altogether.and slope will just get slippery till one is full of themselves.IOW don’t do it len

If you are a devout Catholic, you would run, not walk, to the nearest confessional to be rid of this.

We are all embarrassed by mortal sins and desperate not to have to tell someone what we have done. We would much rather hide it. It is part of the reconciliation process to humble ourselves and admit to our failings.

For me, the prospect of spending eternity without God is by far much much worse than the temporary embarrassment of telling the priest what shameful thing I have done.

As I understand it, the only way a baptised person can be forgiven a mortal sin without being Absolved in Confession, is by dying on the way to confession, contrite in heart and intent on reconciliation, similar to the Baptism of Desire. The catch is the ‘dying’ part, death has prevented you from carrying out your desire to be reconciled with God. If you go on living, just being sorry in your heart will not suffice. You must confess it.

Do not let possible embarassment keep you from Confession. Once you go and are absolved, you will feel much better. If you put off going, it will nag at you, giving you no peace until you Reconcile.

Think it was St Faustina who on talking of embarrasment and confession:

When one approaches the confessional, one is not going to the priest for forgiveness, one is going to God. i

Dont sweat it though dude, you seem genuinely concerned over this issue and you must be if you are talking about it here. You will feel way better after confession.

i: this is not an exact quote. . .merely a paraphrase cause I cant remember it exactly.

God forgives you the minute you beg for His forgiveness with a contrite heart…BUT to be reconciled to God and therefore capable of union with Him and in order to partake in Holy Communion, you must receive absolution from the sacrament of confession.

A mortal sin (just one) destroys all the grace you have ever received-

There is NOTHING that you have done that the priest has not heard of before. Jesus awaits your confession, His Heart and Arms opened wide and laden with Graces-just for you.

Get thee to a confessional Pronto!! or ASAP PLEASE
His Mercy is limitless. GO

Hey, don’t be embarrassed. Believe me, whoever you confess to, he has probably heard a lot worse… :wink:

I have found that the more difficult the Confession, the more rewarding the Confession experience is in the end, after you get out.

When I make my examination of conscience, with pen and paper, I try to be as “ruthless” with myself as possible. Whenever I feel the inclination to mask something that I have done in some way, trying to make it sound not as bad it is to the priest’s ear, I banish the thought and word it in the most blunt, painful way that I can – which is always, for me, the most direct and honest way.

Man-up, dig in your heels, grit your teeth, and rid yourself of this sin.

We have to remember that it is because of Jesus’ love for us that He gave us the sacrament of reconciliation. He taught us the law of the universe – that we must confess grave sins directly to Him – and that is precisely what we do when we go to a priest. This is the only way we can receive absolution for what we have done. An informal confession will not accomplish this.

Remember that you (if it is you that you wrote about) are going to see Jesus. The priest is only the vessel. If you can muster the courage to confess to Jesus in your heart, you can confess to him in person. When the priest pronounces the words, “I now absolve you…” Jesus Himself is saying it!!

As I understand it, from an apologist (Fr. Serpa?) on the Ask an Apologist forum, you can be forgiven without confession if it is a “Perfect Act of Contrition.” As I recall (I’d link you up, but couldn’t find the thread) it requires the Act of Contrition to be perfectly sorrowful and realizing how badly you turned away from God and hurt Him, not just being sorry for fear of going to hell. If someone can back me up please do. I’m sure I’m not conveying the definition as accurately as needed. As I understood it, this “perfect act” is difficult to realize. That’s why we have confession. So it by no means is an alternative for the confessional, rather an option for emergencies, such as faced with immediate death.

But being someone who has felt the same way, please just go to confession. You will feel better. In fact, you’ll probably feel like throwing yourself a party afterwards. My suggestion would be to be prepared with the Act of Contrition before you, in case it’s not in the confessional. Be sure to admit that the sin is difficult/embarrassing to admit, and if you haven’t been to confession in a while. I’ve been to confession plenty of times. Most priests are awesome. (And if you know of a good confessor, be sure to go to him.)

God Bless.

I believe the perfect act of contrition you are referring to applies only to venial sins, or special circumstances in which a person is physically unable to confess to a priest. However, when the sin is mortal and the person is capable, it has to come out in confession. Furthermore, it is considered a grave sin in and of itself to knowingly omit a mortal sin from one’s confession. In such a case, the confession is not valid. Also, one should never partake of the Eucharist when he is conscious of grave sin, unless he has first confessed it in the proper way.

loop de loop.

Perfect act of contrition applies to all sins – it is contrition out of love and desire for God. Eg: it is one wherein a resolution is made to go to confession as soon as possible – and with respect to confession is the equivalent of baptism of desire with respect to baptism.

However, if one does not go to confession when they have the opportunity – they do not have perfect contrition. Because perfect contrition means obeying the word of christ even if it causes embarassment.

A person in this (perfect contrition) situation has the grace in advance of the act they firmly intended to do.

I have, however, heard a priest quip that if one goes to communion after making a perfect contrition – that they would be in venial sin at most – and communion forgives venial sin.
But then, how does one avoid the temptation of thinking that missing confession for a few more minutes/hours/days is anything but a venial sin?

So I would tend to think that avoiding confession itself, even if the sin was forgiven – is itself mortal sin in that situation – but perhaps someone could ask Fr. Serpa…


I did not want to go to Confessions last night but I prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to give me courage. The reason I did not want to go is because I was too embarressed to see the same priest that I had the previous two times in Confession. I was Confessing the same sin,too. How else would I grow from the sin if I did not go to Confession? How else could I have recieved the Lords Body this morning at Mass had I not gone? Those two motivators,and the guidence of the Holy Spirit, are what allowed me to go to Mass this morning with a clear conscience. Thank God for Confession. Also,thank Him for the guilty feeling we get too because it is a gift if we look at it the right way. Otherwise it will make us run.

God Bless you and May Christ Light your path to His heart :signofcross:


It just means around and around, like in circles…
I think it’s french – but I’ll have to ask my dad…
I’m not sure how that snuck in there – maybe a fraudian slip. :slight_smile:

God bless you.

Or perhaps a Freudian slip? :stuck_out_tongue:

God bless you, too. And thanks for the post.

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