Mortal Sin?


Alright, this is me being my scrupulous self… I think–hope… anyway…

I got back from Confession and Mass last evening feeling great about things, and my mother had a pizza in the oven. When it was ready she told me to take it out, which I did, only to have it split in half in my oven-mitted hands and fall back into the oven, practically destroyed. Yeah… I’m an idiot.

Alarmed, I related to my mother what happened, and she yelled at me for being an idiot. Because it was an honest, fluke mistake, I got defensive and argumentative. Feeling hurt – and thus, angry – I criticized my mother for delegating tasks at people all the time and told her that she should do things herself when she wants things done, and that if it wasn’t for this “defect” in her character this would not have happened! I definitely uttered a curse word somewhere in there. When my father came in, and was angry at the pizza situation, I, for some reason, blurted out that my mother had “forced” me to take the pizza out of the oven (untrue), because if I did not heed her command, due to her character, she would have gotten angry at me. Afterward, I sat there stewing in anger at the situation for a little while – basically, because I had just gotten back from Confession, was feeling great, and this just HAD to happen to jeopardize my situation. (Again, I was also feeling hurt over having been “attacked” over an honest, fluke mistake.)

If this helps, I did not really deliberate about anything that I said to my mother. In all honestly, it just kind of came out of me in response to having made a stupid mistake and basically being accused of idiocy over it, which made me feel hurt and angry. Also, it was kind of just like water off a duck’s back to my parents… they seemingly forgot about the whole thing minutes afterward. (This kind of thing is not uncommon in my household.)

Anyway, I would like to receive the Eucharist again today, but I am unclear about whether I am able to or not because of this – from my perspective – unfortunate event.



Nothing here sounds like a mortal sin because it seems everything just flared up without time for deliberation. But that’s just my subjective impression. It’s awfully hard for strangers on the internet to judge. You’re better off praying about it to find your answer.


This has been of great help to me in my struggle with scrupulosity:

That being said, these character defects are precisely what the grace of God aims to heal by means of the Sacraments. My best suggestion would be to avail yourself of them frequently, and make a regular practice of Eucharistic adoration.

You might also be interested in a book entitled “Frequent Confession: Its Place in the Spiritual Life”, by Benedict Baur.


Wow…that link was exactly what I needed, praise God to the highest.

Since my confirmation at Easter I have noticed a troubling tendency to scrupulosity develop, getting more intense with each week, and going to confession more often…last night I was starting to get freaked out, and this morning I prayed to the Blessed Mother for help. I was able to go the mass this morning, praise God, and get past my discouragement.

I think I will tell my confessor of my concern in my next confession…I have had him twice now and I think I will stick with him as he is very good.

I also found an excellant parish today and found a “home” so to speak…praise God.


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