Mortal Sin?

I am in an interesting predicament.

If one commits a what would be a mortal sin without FULL knowledge and consent of the will (like when half-asleep during the middle of the night) and for a very brief time is it still a mortal sin that needs to be confessed?
Granted, I had consent of the will, but not knowledge. And neither of them were complete, because I was basically asleep.

Any help?:blush:

If you are half-asleep, you can hardly be fully aware or fully consenting.

If you are asleep (or partially asleep) you cannot give full consent, therefore nothing, even if it is grave matter, is a mortal sin.

My confessor once told me if you have doubt as to whether or not something is a mortal sin, it is probably not.

A mortal sin requires three elements:

  1. Serious matter. (one of the 10 Commandments, for example)
  2. Full knowledge. (gotta know it’s a mortal sin)
  3. Full consent (gotta have full consent of the will that you are committing a mortal sin and you’re gonna do it anyway)

Take away any one of the three, and it gets degraded to a venial sin, or maybe even no sin at all.

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