Mortal sin

If one committs a mortal sin, I know you are suppposed to go to confession ASAP, is it okay to wait until confessions after mass in the evening (presuming there will be) or should one go to your local Church and ask a priest

If you wish to partake in communion…you need to go before.

As soon as you can. Immediately. Mortal sin is a serious matter and you wouldn’t want to die before you could go to Confession.

What if I’m not allowed go till this evening after mass??

If possible you could try to grab a priest early before mass for an impromptu confession (I did this in a crowded assembly hall before my confirmation :smiley: however I did not have any mortal sin and just wanted to clear everything up beforehand) but if that doesn’t work out go to mass but don’t receive communion and go to confession afterwards.

Whether or not this is “legal” or not, I went to confession after daily mass and since I was the only one the priest asked if I would like to receive communion now that I had confessed. I said sure. It was great. Maybe you could do this as well?

Isn’t it so that if one really cannot go to confession immediately, then one should say an act of contrition and go as soon as one can?

yes, we should always do that if we feel we are in a state of sin…but if it’s a mortal sin, we cannot recieve communion until we go to confession.

Of course, communion only after confession if in a state of mortal sin. The act of contrition is for the case that one dies before making it to confesison, right? Or better still… as a perfect act of contrition is out of sorrow for the sin, not out of fear of punishment!.. not just for the case that we die, but out of a real sorrow that one has done something that has offended God… telling Him we are sorry, out of the depth of our hearts… and as soon as possible to confession.

(a caution. This is my edit. I myself suffer from scrupulosity. That is, sometimes i think something is a mortal sin but it may not even have been a venial sin. I wonder around and around, can I go to communion or not, should I ask a priest, etc etc…What I write is under the assumption that we do not deal with scrupulosity here, but with real mortal sin. A scrupulous person should usually ask their confessor/spiritual directorfor advice on how to deal with situations when they feel they are in mortal sin.)

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