Mortal sin?

If I gave a rosary beads to someone knowing they were going to use it as jewlery, would that be a serious sin??


It might be a bit disrespectful of the other person if they were to wear the rosary in an inappropriate way in front of someone who might be offended, but if a priest of my certain knowledge can give rosaries to prisoners at a nearby prison knowing that they won’t necessarily be used for devotional purposes, I’m sure you can.

Besides, having that religious imagery around might tweak their conscience a little at some point and letting them have the rosary may be the start of something good…

If you know for a fact that they are going to use it as jewelry or that the likelihood is great, I wouldn’t give one to them, especially not if they were a woman who wears a lot of immodest clothing. I was in a class once with a woman who wore a VERY revealing shirt everyday and also wore a rosary. It was DISGUSTING.

A devotional object is only an object. Even blessed objects may be disposed of as the owner sees fit, since the blessing ‘expires’ with the discarding…

Wrap it in a prayer card and then hand it to the recipient and tell them you hope they get some spiritual benefit from it. Think of it this way: they’ve presented you with the perfect opportunity for you to catechise them a little without it being forced upon them…

This I have not heard and would appreciate some source for further reading.

I grew up with the idea that the blessed stuff in the house was not stuff that can be tossed in the trash.

For example, palms from palm Sunday. We never remember to return them to the Church to burn for the ashes on Ash Wednesday, but feel odd about throwing them away (though eventually, I think this is what happens to them).


My understanding is that blessed objects must be either burned to ashes and then properly disposed, or else buried in clean ground where it will never be found.

They’re to be disposed of in the proper fashion, not however its owner “sees fit”.

since the blessing ‘expires’ with the discarding…

I’ve never heard that a blessing on a sacred object ‘expires’ if the object is discarded. I don’t believe that is proper teaching.

Here’s as close a reference as I can find at short notice from the Ask the Apologist forum.

Basically, if something is blessed, it should be disposed of properly. If it is not blessed, then you are free to do with it as you wish, but obviously prudential judgement is required if you might lead someone into scandal as a by-product of what you’re doing.

The link above relates to a blessed car. Obviously you can’t realistically dispose of a blessed car by burning or burying, so the blessing itself continues only at the will of the owner.

No. The prayer is the important part - not the hardware.

However, out of respect for catholic culture, it shouldn’t be used inappropriately (including as a necklace).

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