Mortal Sin

I find that after I commit Mortal Sin I have a repulsion to religious objects crucifixes, scapulars, statues, sacramentals
(esp. blessed objects) ect . It’s difficult for me to get around so I can’t get confession right away. I have had to wait up to two weeks before finding a way there, during that time I usually don’t want anything to do with said items I just don’t feel worthy of them and if there blessed I feel my being in contact with them will somehow desecrate them am I being too scupulous?

Yes, guilt is useless if it keeps you AWAY from the divine, and causes you to eschew grace. Guilt only serves when it causes discomfort that drives us to reconciliation. Reconciliation,not punishment is the goal. Denying yourself union with the divine serves NO purpose.

If God has deemed you worthy of redemption, and through the acts of christ, he has, who are you to decide you are not worthy? Run to the arms held out to you!



I imagine it being more painful for our Lord when we reject His forgiveness then the sin itself. He died for you to come to Him in your unworthiness.

The Holy Spirit is your friend, helper, and consoler. Ask Him for help to overcome all that keeps you from the Lord.

Also, you can always ask our Lord’s forgiveness and make an act of contrition before you are able to get to confession. Our Lord knows the desire of your heart. Talk to Him.

God bless!

You’re in good company.

John the Baptist thought Jesus should be baptizing John, not the other way around.

Peter did not believe himself worthy to have his feet washed by the Lord.

Jesus healed and defended sinners who touched him in faith.

He is there for us, unconditionally.


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