Mortal sin?

So i just went to confession. I went to the store afterwards and saw someone and got aroused. I did not have any impure thoughts but I looked at the person, then looked away, but then I looked back again. Is this a mortal sin?

If you ask me, a random online user, I say no.

Mortal sin requires deliberate consent: meaning your desire to say yes to the impure thoughts, to indulge, to enjoy.

To me, the sin becomes grave when I acknowledge that I am about to do something wrong and I say: “I don’t care. I want to enjoy/experience this.”

If you were tempted, that’s normal. The saints were tempted too, and harshly.

I recall one saint who was tempted in horrible ways and had the grace of conversing with our Lord face to face. She humbly complained about all those temptations, worrying that she may be falling into sin. The Lord said something around these lines: “did you feel disgust in your heart, did you reject those temptations? Then do not fear, for I am with you, in your heart.”

And remember that beauty comes from the Lord, so when you see beauty, instead of indulging in the creature, give thanks to the Creator, who is Beauty itself, and then move along :wink:

Thanks, that really put me at ease. :slight_smile:

Great answer. :thumbsup:

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