Mortal sin?


Is the act of stealing a group from a created site on Facebook from the creator and his admin, constitute as a Mortal Sin?



Since there are a number of people, like me, who are Luddites, could you please explain your question again…this time in English, please…

Stealing a group? What does that mean?

Created site on Facebook? You can create a site on Facebook? (Something other than one’s “wall”?)

As for the generic question, “Is ____ a mortal sin?” there are 3 things that must all be true for something to be a mortal sin:

  • The object (the act / omission) must be objectively grave matter. (For example, murder is grave matter. Overeating is not)

  • The subject must have full knowledge that the act is grave matter. (For example, a Protestant may not know that the use of artificial contraception is grave matter)

  • The subject must give full consent of the will in performing the act. (For example, while fornication is grave matter and a woman may know that it is grave matter, if her date feeds her drinks made with Everclear rather than 3% alcohol wine coolers she believes she’s drinking…and then has sex with her when she is incapacitated, she would have minimal if any culpability for that act of fornication)

Bottom line is that you would have define the issue better before any Internet “moral theologian” could pronounce judgment… (I say the last with my tongue being firmly placed in my cheek)


Listen wise guy. Some rogue admin knew better than to steal 8800 member of mine created over 3 years …got it? That is full knowledge and full consent and stealing is serious matter. Both are catholic and well studious on the matter. Enough information.?:rolleyes:


Actually… no, it’s not. In what manner did they steal it?

Not trying to be rude, but more information is necessary. Did they steal your password and transfer ownership? Were you partner owners and they removed your rights? Did they start another group which became more popular? Were you presented with any reason for the transfer?

Also, please try not to be rude. Mark gave you a good, Catholic answer, and outlined the three principles of what constitutes a mortal sin. You should show him more respect, as he was trying to help answer your question given his limited knowledge, and the limited amount of information you gave about the situation.


I guess you just answered your own question. :thumbsup:


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