Mortal Sin?


I suffer from Bipolar disorder, panic disorder, and agoraphobia. I feel perfectly fine, most of the time, at my parish. Sometimes I do have to leave.
Now, I have been visiting family who aren’t Catholic. Because of my meds I don’t like to drive, nor is it safe. So, I haven’t been going to Mass because of being terrified of being in a place that I don’t know well, and unable to drive. Have I sinned? I am in a panic because I will be road tripping home and I am so afraid I’m going to die in a car crash and go to hell. Yes, I know that this isn’t logical, hence my illnesses. Help me!


Try to contact the nearest Catholic Church and see if communion could be delivered to you based on what you shared here. I would think you qualify for that. May God conitnue to bless and heal you with your struggles.


No. In order to sin you have to deliberately do something that you know is wrong. What you describe is completely out of your control

When you get home, put your mind at ease. Contact your parish priest and run this by him. I’m sure he will put your mind completely at ease.


Be at peace. Your desire to go to Mass and your distress at no being able to attend speaks volumes. There is a huge difference between not being physically able to go and not wanting to go. As you are firmly in the former category, you have nothing to fear.

Spend some time in prayer and reflection on this issue and if your soul is still in need of reassurance, then bring it up with your parish priest when you get home.

God bless!


Thanks so much! I am feeling much better about this issue now. It was really stressing me out.


So sorry you’re experiencing this. God loves you and understands your condition. if you can’t drive to mass yourself, please ask one of your relatives to drive you there and pick you up afterwards.


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