Mortal Sin?


Hi everybody, I just wanted to ask you all if whether or not omitting to correct my family members bad habit of using “OM…” is in itself a mortal sin, because when ever it comes up, I struggle to figure out if it is serious or not.

Oh and if you gals and guys have any suggestions on how to lead my family members out of that sinful habit, please let me know.


I simply say " excuse me, but I’d prefer you not use that phrase when talking to me." Seems to work, as I’m not sure if friends who use such language are embarrassed, or just avoid them to prevent the correction. If they continue to use God’s Name in vain, when they speak to me, using such phrases or words, I just pull out my hearing aids, or pretend I can’t hear them and respond with a different subject. (Pulling out my hearing aids really works for me – they all laugh, but they don’t do it again!!!)


When you say “OM…” I assume you’re referring to OMG.
Are you referring to them using the acronym or pronouncing the words?
I think many people neglect the use of the acronym OMG to mean Oh My Gosh or Oh My Goodness. I certainly used to use it like that.
As to them fully and utterly taking the name of the Lord in vain, I don’t think it’s mortal sin to not correct them. If I tried to correct everyone in my vicinity every time they swore like that, I would probably end up alone and crying in a corner without any friends in the world.
Also, it is possible for swearing like that to be a venial sin, especially if you know that they do so habitually.

If your family members are Catholic, then it wouldn’t hurt to try and remind them that it’s not a good idea to swear like that. But the thing is, if they know that it is a mortal sin, then they are probably working on breaking the habit already, and your reminders could end up just being constant annoying reminders of what they already know is flawed. If they don’t think it is a mortal sin, then you will not make much of a difference by correcting them over and over.

So I don’t think it is a mortal sin. If you really want to, you could correct them a few times, but I would not be constantly pestering them about it.


Thanks for all the replies, that really lifted a heavy burden off of my shoulders.


As in chanting? om…om…om

I went to a party during my uni days where there was drumming and a circle of people holding hands, swaying and chanting om…om…om. I think it’s a 70’s hippies thing.

If you’re family are practicing Catholics, you need to speak to your Priest about it.


I think a little context is needed here. Uttering the words “Oh My G__” may or may not be taking the Lord’s name in vain. It could be a cry of despair or a prayer when one hears of or witnesses a horrible event, such as the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one.

The Apostle Thomas, when confronted with the Risen Christ, exclaimed “My Lord and my God!” No one ever accused him of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Now, if someone utters that phrase in the course of a general conversation, then that could well be a different matter.


One can distinguish between blasphemy (and other grave offenses) and profanity /disrespectful use of the Holy name such in anger or pain etc in a way that is not blasphemy --not said -say out of contempt for God or directed at God etc. That such in itself while certainly NOT to be done (we are Christians --we love and reverence the Holy Name of Jesus etc-as Paul says --let no evil talk come from your mouths…) - such can be said to be ordinarily venial.

So continue working to completely extinguish any such usages but bear in mind the above.

Let us praise and bless the Holy Name!

Praised be Jesus Christ of Nazareth --now and forever!

As to examining when does one commit a mortal sin in general for anything?: When there is together, grave matter, full knowledge and deliberate consent.

(can it be good to say something about someone in the habit of saying “OM…”? yes - it is a good act to help others to reverence all references to God).


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