>>mortal sin?<<

I saw something that was an unusual comment in news online and knew that it would have gossiping comments against a cardinal and I started to read then stopped and didn’t cultivate any hate or stuff against the cardinal and his reputation wasn’t diminished in my eyes so I don’t thin I mortally sinned since I didn’t cultivate anger. But did I for deliberately starting to read in the first place even though it was for curiosity but I did know it might involve negative stuff? I want to receive Eucharist tomorrow so I think I might be good but need second opinions so does it sound like I sinned?

Please be at peace. You may suffer from scrupulosity. If there was any sin in your actions it was merely giving in to misplaced curiosity. There is really no grave matter there.

Just pray for the cardinal/ bishop and be at peace! Speak about it in your next confession if you wish,

No, that isn’t anything close to a mortal sin. Besides, how would you know how to defend this Cardinal from those attacks if you didn’t know what they were? How could you correct misconceptions?

That’s like saying it would be a mortal sin to read about someone criticizing the Church. While it probably isn’t a good idea if your faith is weak, it isn’t inherently sinful. It’s important to correct misconceptions (in a tactful way - every case is different) when you encounter them.

And remember, Cardinals are sinners just like you and I. They aren’t perfect.

Bottom line, you are going to drive yourself crazy with thoughts like that. I am a bit scrupulous myself, so I know exactly where you’re coming from.

Peace be with you. I will keep you in my prayers.

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