Mortal sin?

I was reading those lists that have like the “top 10 best songs” or whatever. I came across one that had about the top 5 creepy cartoons or something and one of the ones in the list had some inappropriate material (masturbation in a cartoon and condoms). In reading this, would this be a mortal sin?

Is insulting a mortal sin?

Also, my mother talks to a friend that my father does not really like. He told her not to talk with her friend anymore. She still does. By not saying anything about my mother talking to this friend, would I be committing a mortal sin? Since I am keeping quiet on something that is not pleasing to my father? I mean, telling my mother to respect the favor that my father asked of her Thank you.

A mortal sin, when committed will full knowledge and full consent of the will, will condemn you to hell. That is what Catholic teaching says.

An all-loving God wants to constantly bring us ever closer to Him. Do these two things sound like something that will keep you from Him? Do they seem like things that are fundamentally against His Love, a rejection of Him?

Anything against God’s will is a sin because it “misses the mark” of God’s Law. But a mortal sin is defined as only something so grave that it is fundamentally opposed to God’s law. It is not good to be so legalistic about mortal sin - about what is a mortal sin, what is a venial sin, etc. The New Testament is all about God being ever-forgiving and all-loving. Whenever you feel as though you’ve done something against Him, go to Him, and ask Him to guide you. Look over an examination of conscience (although sometimes these tend to be a bit legalistic as well and do not focus so much on God’s love as the specifics of SIN!)

God loves you. He knows the weaknesses present in human nature, the temptations we face because of our modern society, and everything in between. Simply glancing at a cartoon is not fundamentally against God’s love - especially if you did not know what was coming. If you began to entertain thoughts, the common advice is not to dwell on them but move on from them. The parent situation seems complex - not because I do not know if it is a mortal sin or not - but because this seems like a difficult family situation that God would not want, anyway. Perhaps you should talk to your mother about it.

for the first one, the stuff is, is it a near ocassion of sin for you? I mean it could be just information, reading it could be no diferent than reading this: “some movies have sex scenes” it depends on what kind of stuff it had there.

the second one, please don’t say anything, telling your father what she does might begin a really big problem that could end un in separation even. so don’t do it.

now lastly i suggest you speak to a good priest about this, you seem to have some irrational doubts that could mean you have scruples.

Thanks. I am a little scrupulous. I do everything I possibly can to not have these thoughts. Before this, I used to think that even temptations were sins. Now, I’m controlling these feelins a little better.

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