Mortal sin?? :/

Today I came home, and found out my younger brother was in my stuff, and touching my new computer, and I just got so furious. Then my brother started taunting me (making me even angrier), so I did some things to embarrass him, and then he told me he’d punch me in the face, and took a swing at me…

That’s when I slapped/kicked him. :frowning: In the back of my head I knew it was a very bad sin to do, but I was just so furious that I didn’t care and hit him any way. He ended up hurting me more, I think, when he blocked me with his elbow, and I don’t think I really hurt him or hit him that hard. I was just very, very angry… :blush:

Do you think this was a mortal sin?? I’ve been trying so hard not to commit any mortal sins, but it seems like it’s impossible! I have this temptation in my head to just give up, because I can’t stop doing these sins anyway! I know I need to go to confession again, but I probably can’t until next week… :frowning:

No one here can tell you whether or not you committed a mortal sin.

You need to get to confession as soon as you are able to discuss this with a priest. If you are in an urban area with many Catholic parishes, look online to see if there are parishes that have confessions on Sundays or during the week.

You and your brother definitely need to work on your relationship, forgive one another, etc.

But seriously, no one here can tell you if your actions constitute a mortal sin.

God bless you, dear one!


I agree with Gertie.

Anyways, don’t feel bad when you fall, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep trying to grow in holiness. Expect to fall often. Remember you are weak and don’t be too surprised at it. Jesus just wants our good will, so keep trying.

It seems to me, it might be good for you to become more aware of the first instant you feel you are getting angry. The more aware you are, the better off you will be. If you stop your anger right at the beginning, it’s so much easier.

Thinking about developing the virtues of patience and meekness, seriously; meditating on and practicing these virtues will help you a lot.

Brothers can be so exasperating!!

(I know well, because I used to be one of those naughty brothers to my own sister. But really, I don’t think he meant any harm to you.)

God Bless You!

Oh, and I forgot to say that I’ll keep you in my prayers. As JamalC said above, I also understand how difficult brothers can be – my big brother once used an entire bottle of rubber cement to glue all my stuff together in my room!

It gets better, I promise :thumbsup:

But still get to confession to ease your heart.

God bless you!


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