Mortal sin

I have a question. I am joining the Church Lord willing tomorrow at the Easter Vigil. I am wondering if I have committed a mortal sin. My son is almost 3 and we bought him a trampoline. Today he asked me to let him jump on it. The trampoline has a tag on it saying it’s not for anyone under 6 or an age close to that. I knew it said that but was thinking it wasn’t wrong to let him jump so I did. Are we obliged to follow manufacturer uses? Did I commit a mortal sin? Thank you

First off–welcome home into the Church :extrahappy:

What you described wasn’t “grave matter,” so right there it wasn’t mortal sin. It wasn’t even venial sin. It’s a matter of prudential judgment that you, as a parent, make as you see fit. It’s not against the law nor is it a sin to let a child younger than recommended play with any toy.

Be careful you don’t become scrupulous about every little thing. Our life in Christ isn’t just about avoiding sin–it’s about becoming the people God wants us to be–in his love and through his grace. Concentrate on that, and you can’t go wrong. :smiley:

I would add, has the trampoline got a net around it and mats on the springs.

Purely safety question

Thanks for the replies. Yes it does.

There is no intrinsic wrong attached to the child playing on a trampoline. You had no ill intention toward your child - quite the reverse. You judged the actions safe notwithstanding the manufacturer’s suggestions, which are also a judgement (often skewed to minimizing legal risks for the manufacturer). There is no moral wrong here.

Note that another good person could reach the opposite judgement (and thus disallow use of the trampoline). This does not make either of you morally wrong.

Since you are new you get a “freebie” with the exception of murder. Just kidding. As a newcomer, here’s a tip: learn what “scruple” is in the Catholic faith. A quick 1-10. 1 is overreacting/scruple, 5 is venial, 10 is mortal. I’d give this one a 3. Hope this gage helps.

It is not a sin at all,

You made a decision that he would be safe on a trampoline for 6 year olds.

Nothing wrong with making your own decision on that matter

Friend :slight_smile:

Buy a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Whenever you have a question about Catholic teaching go to the chapters at the beginning and find the chapter you need.

Also, be sure to read the chapter for each of the 10 commandments (as this lists what a mortal sin would be for each Commandment).
Anything mentioned in the catechism as “grave”, is mortal sin if committed with full knowledge and full freedom.

Making your own decision on something insignificant like a trampoline is not a mortal sin.
The fourth commandment also means do not break the Law. But an instruction on a trampoline is not the Law, it’s a recommendation.

New Catholics can make the wrong assumption that everything is a mortal sin, (which is untrue),
Mortal sin must include grave matter (be extremely seriously wrong, breaking one of the Commandments or lists of grave matter from the Catechism), must have full knowledge of the doer, and be performed in full freedom,

Of course, under penalty of law, do not remove the tags on pillows or mattresses.
I was waiting for them to come and get me to lock me up in pillow and mattress jail.

No sin. I think the manufacturers are protecting themselves from being sued.


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