Mortal Sin !??

I have been having a very hard time telling the difference in between mortal and venial.
So there is one sin in particular that I am unsure if it is grave matter.
Is looking at someone’s beard grave matter?
Is it if you are doing it purely out of interest ?

And also you must have full knowledge that its wrong… What if you weren’t sure if it was wrong and did it anyway?

P.S please hurry…

Sounds like a troll question. You look at faces to identify them, a beard is on the face…

I am almost certain this is a troll question but if not then no it is not even a sin to look at someone’s beard.


No, if it were than most of the Apostles would be “sinful” for looking at Jesus and each other.

I’m no troller please believe me on that.
I have been told by many priests that I have to be careful of scruples.

I just need help determining grave matter…
What if I looked at the person not to identity them, but to see (eg.) How long their beard is growing and at the same time thought it might be a mortal sin.
Is this grave matter/mortal sin?

Ahh, scruples. Talk directly to your priest, you will need to get some detailed instructions. Anything you get here may very well confuse you.

But start with this, if you aren’t trying to offend God, you are probably not committing a grave sin.

But talk to a priest!

I’ll pray for you to resolve your difficulties!

That’s some screen name you got there…

Why do you think it’s a sin to look at someone’s beard?

I am trying to work that out…
I just don’t know where the line is in between serious sin and less serious.
So therefore I think almost every sin is grave, and I’m not sure if I thought it was a mortal sin at the time…

You’re really not very good at this, you know. You aren’t even sticking to your own story. :rolleyes:

Let’s try this again…Why do you even think it is a sin?

Yeah, spelled wrong too.

Foam + mattress= foamattress
Please get your own spelling correct.

Btw did I even ask you to help me with my spelling!?
I am here to get help… NOT to be corrected by someone who doesn’t know how to spell.

Please tell me how?
I have not changed the story/question…
I am talking about the same thing the whole time, I have been talking about not being able to tell the difference in between venial and mortal.
The reason I can’t is because the devil attacks me by making me trip up in scruples.

As a priest has told me " if the devil cannot make you sin, he will try to make you think you have sinned, by being over sensitive."

Okay, let’s get back to my question of why you think this is a even a sin, let alone a mortal one. What is there is the observation of someone’s facial hair that would make you believe it’s sinful?

Because it felt wrong at the time.

+light bound

Because it felt wrong at the time.

That could be for a number of reasons. If the person was a stranger, you were probably taught it’s not polite to stare at people, especially those you don’t know. You were observing someone and that made you feel like you were being rude. That does not make it a sin. If it was someone you were in conversation with, your feeling could have been that you weren’t giving the conversation your full attention and you felt that your behavior was rude. That does not make it a sin. Based on your earlier statement of “… I think almost every sin is grave”, you are in need of spiritual direction from a regular confessor. Please talk with your priest. Call the parish office and make an appointment to speak with him about your issues. Scrupulosity will make your life miserable and God doesn’t want you freaking out over every little thing you perceive as being wrong and a mortal sin. You need the guidance of a priest to assist you with scrupulosity. Please reach out and contact him this week.

For the record- looking at someone’s beard to see how long it has grown is NOT sinful.

Here is a link from the Vatican that explains mortal and venial sins, etc.

On what basis do you suspect that examining a beard with curiosity might be grave matter (or sinful at all)? I’m assuming you don’t do this in a manner noticed by the owner of the beard? You don’t intimidate him do you? This is not in the nature of a fetish is it? Does it damage your capacity to interact with people?

It does not appear to break a commandment, nor transgress any ecclesiastical ruling or any Church teaching. It does not appear to do serious harm (subject to your responses to above questions). So what thought processes are at work here?

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