mortal sins

can we discuss this topic in here if has not been already addressed. I know that by mortal sin, if someone knows what they are doing is a sin, but they do it …than it is a mortal sin ?? For instance, if i lie to make someone feel better or if i make up an excuse and lie to my boss, etc… i know that it would be a sin to lie no matter what, so than would that make it mortal?

No, lying generally isn’t a moratl sin. For example lying to make someone feel better would be a small venial sin, lying under oath in court or falsely accusing someone of a serious crime would be a mortal sin.

Not every little sin is a mortal sin. For a sin to be mortal it has to have very serious consequences; grave matter.

I think the Catechism lists 8 mortal sins, it’s not that many.
The most common ones are,
Murder (including abortion), deliberatley missing Mass (which is a form of idolatory, we’re putting other things before our God), homosexual acts, masturbation, sex outside of the sacred covenant of marriage, losing your free will by abusing alcohol, contraception, (possibly denying the world a child of God), idolatory.

There certinally are others but those are the main ones.

NO, usually lying is not a Mortal sin unless You are spreading lies about others that would create them grief , or damage their reputation, then I think that could be a mortal sin, if U were fully aware of what U were doing

Ok , that makes a lot more sense. Thank you sooo much! :slight_smile:

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