Mortally Sinful Lustful Thought?

I was recently shopping at a plaza and one of the stores I went into had an add of a beautiful woman on it. As the person was ringing up my purchase, I looked at the image and had an impure thought and thought to myself “why not?” Immediately after this thought popped into my head, I realized I had been in a state of Grace and pushed the image out of my head.

I realize this was a sinful attitude to take but to what degree did I sin?

We cannot always control our passing thoughts but we can control where they lead us. Your initial lustful thought was not sinful but a near occasion of sin. Your thought, “Why not?” may have been willful. You tried to banish the thought as soon as it entered your mind so your culpability seems almost nil - certainly not a mortal sin.

I confess venial sins like this on a regular basis because I love the graces I receive from the Sacrament. I look forward to going this afternoon.

i would say its venial, as you tried to banish the thought from your mind. I have issues with this also. Just be honest to Jesus in confession.

You have posted here before with serious scrupulous tendencies. Please consult your pastor.

Taken from a very reputable book from the 19th century called *The Way of Interior Peace *by Fr. Eduard Lehen, pg. 99:

“To a mortal sin belong three points: 1st. Weighty matter; – a jesting lie, for example or a vain, self-conceited thought, is not sufficient for a mortal sin. 2d. Full knowledge of the evil; that is, the deliberate consciousness that what one does is a mortal sin. This excludes all cases in which the sin proceeds from surprise, or in which the soul is not full master of her powers; as, for example, in half-slumber, and the like. 3d. Full consent of the will to that which the understanding knows to be mortal sin. As long as the consent remains imperfect, or we are conscious of a certain hesitancy, a deferring, or a reproach of conscience in consequence of our neglect in combating the temptation, the sin is only venial.”

I hope this helps.

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