Mortally sinful not to proclaim the truth in this context?

There was a small discussion today at my work about in vitro, and I just sat by, continuing to do what I was doing, without saying a word. I know I should have proclaimed the Truth of what the Church teaches, but I didn’t. Is this mortally sinful?

Now, these people were not attacking the Church in any way, but they were just talking about in vitro like it was OK.

At the very least, I feel like it was a missed opportunity to witness to the Truth, and at the worst, I feel like it could have been a mortal sin.

I personally doubt that your silence on this one occasion was mortally sinful. Instead of worrying about that, why not resolve to be more open in defense of Life in the future?

Hmm, what about if the reason I didn’t speak up was due to fear and cowardice?

Thanks for your reply, by the way.

Not all of us (not even many of us) have a gift for defending Catholic moral theology in complex matters such as this one. Unless you are a trained apologist or a very well read amature apologist, with a skill for defending the truth in a charitable and reasonable manner, it’s probably best to let it go.

It is a case by case sort of thing of course. But I doubt there is any sin here, let alone mortal sin.

I do read a lot of apologetics stuff, but I wouldn’t consider myself an apologist.

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Also, it doesn’t help that I am scrupulous. :eek:

In that case we can say two things:

a) you should have a regular confessor, and (assuming you do) you can discuss this with him at your next meeting.

b) you should know that any doubtful mortal sins are not mortal sins.

So rest easy. No need to race off to confession. Just raise this topic at your next meeting with your regular confessor and he can advise you further.

It may have been a missed opportunity, but you are presuming that you had an obligation to act.

Do you even know these people well enough for a conversation like that? And understand that mortal sin requires grave matter and full, deliberate consent and I’m not sure I see that here.

Take a look at this:

Ok, then you are exempt from any obligation of correction unless a spiritual director/confessor says otherwise, and unless you’ve got children in your care, that would be rare I would think.

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