Mortally sinning in a daydream

Here’s the situation:

I was in a daydream, and within the situation I was daydreaming of in my head I committed a grave sin with full knowledge and consent. (sorry if that’s not a great explanation…I don’t know how else to describe it now…)

Would that be a mortal sin?

I don’t think so since according to Edwin Healy SJ, “'Full advertence means the attention that a businessman would give to an important business deal. Hence actions performed when one is half asleep,** in a daydream**, or half distracted would not be classified in this category.”

I think the following from Jimmy Akin would apply to daydreams as well (also fits nicely with the Healy quote):

So I don’t think there is any point to this thread anymore. :blush: Just took extra googling to find an answer! :slight_smile:

I would suggest asking your Confessor.

I read what Aikin said and from my experience i mainly disagree. Although it may not be a sin, every wrong thought, imagination, or dream will hurt us in some way,and hinder spiritual progress. The bible says it is our responsibility to cast down every imagination. Thus we have the ability to do so or the bible would not tell us to do it. There is a spiritual warefare of the mind. Jesus has already won the battle, but we must enforce it. We have not been left at this mercy of the enemy to have his way with us, but we have powerful weapons. Truth is a great weapon. As soon as a wrong imagination lights my mind,i speak the truth. I confess that i am the righteousness of God in Christ. This is powerful. The truth will make you free. Before sleeping, take preventive measures by placing the Blood of Christ over your mind and soul as protection. You will find that the enemy will leave ypu alone.

Go for holiness in all things my brother, and keep your stick on the ice.:slight_smile:

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