Moscow, eyeing U.S. missile defense plans, announces work on 100-ton “monster” missile

[LEFT]During campaign season, it never hurts for a presidential candidate facing a frustrated public to display toughness and resolve in the face of an old and familiar adversary. And it also doesn’t hurt to throw in some shock-and-awe–say, an intercontinental ballistic missile nicknamed “Satan.”

This appears to at least partly explain why on Monday Russia announced that it had successfully tested a short-range interceptor missile; part of its ongoing effort to develop a domestic missile defense shield according to Russia’s RIA News Agency. (The Russian Defense Ministry has provided a video of the missile’s launch on its website.) Russia also announced it is working on the development of a 100-ton intercontinental ballistic missile slated for release in 2015, Pravda reports. Russia recently held contested parliamentary polls and is due to hold presidential elections in March. Russia watchers note the political backdrop to the announced missile plans and their wider narrative agenda: resurgent Russia’s determined opposition to American missile defense plans in Eastern Europe.

Everything old is new again, Cold War 2.0.

How does that fit in with SALT? And all the other arms limitations treaties?

SALT is supposed to limit warhead counts not delivery vehicles.

Who else is really creeped out that they name it “satan”?:eek:

Actually, SATAN is the cover-name for the SS-18, the missile that the new one is intended to replace. And the name SATAN was assigned by NATO, not the Soviets themselves. NATO assigned names beginning with S to Soviet ground-to-ground missiles (SCUD, SABER, STILETTO, etc.)

Thanks for the explanation :thumbsup:

I feel (slightly) better;)

I am not one to praise the latest missile agreement, and have no belief in entering into limitation agreements with the Russians.

However, this reminds me a bit of the long ago event when the Soviet union detonated a 100 megaton bomb, which was huge at the time, far bigger than our largest test. Panicked people, it did. But when you got right down to it, it was just a big show item. A 100 megaton bomb was not something practical to deliver because it was massively “over-sufficient”. Something the Soviets could tell their own people about in order to instill pride. “Nasha lushe”, I think, is what the Russians say about such things. “Ours is better”. Reminds me of the old Russian joke in which the Russian bigwig and his wife is at the ballet, and the man points out his boss’ mistress among the dancers. “Nasha lushe” was his wife’s reply.

This particular announcement of the giant missile makes me wonder if it isn’t a similar thing…primarily for domestic consumption and secondarily for scaring the pants off Europeans and unilateral disarmament types who somehow don’t realize they are already targeted sufficiently to wipe them all out anyway. Now it is certainly possible they will jam pack the thing with MIRVs like so many candies in a birthday pinata. But all that really tells us is that they are perhaps going for warhead numbers, and it ought to be a warning to us that entering into “limitation agreements” with Russia is likely to be pointless.

I tend to agree, and I was a DoD USSR analyst for 25 years. I’ve seen a lot of “So you’re gonna do THAT? Then we’re gonna do THIS! Na-nee-na-nee-boo-boo!”

BTW, the claimed 100 megatons turned out to be closer to 57. Here’s a video link:

Russia will bring the chastisement

Seems to me the Cold War froze over in Hell on both sides of the camp.:shrug:

How should the world envision some plausible reckoning in the future relation between the United States and Russia? Notice I haven’t brought China in the picture yet.

U.S. and NATO forces Nuke it out with Russia and later China comes waltzing in to clean up and rule without a finger on the nuke trigger with big happy smiles?
OK its a fictitious scenario or is it?

But now they are not godless atheists anymore why worry?

Putin and his bravado really gets on my nerves. I guess riding motorcycles and practicing judo really impresses the average Russian.

You mean Putin’s got religion now?

Will Fox news and the neocons start beating the war drum to bomb Russia? Just like they wet themselves over the idea of bombing Iran?

Fox News? Neocons?

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Oh yeah…definitely a Fox News neocon. Good detective work, Jam. :rotfl: :stuck_out_tongue:

Same weight as our old MX missile, which we took down to meet treaty provisions:

I laughed at the name. Some Russian is having too much fun naming the missiles. I mean seriously, who needs to name it that! :smiley:

Your comment brings up another point, which is that some responders on the thread may be confusing the 100-ton launch weight of the missile with a supposed 100-megaton warhead equivalancy. We learned back in the day that 10 independently aimed warheads of 100 kilotons can do a lot more damage than a single one-megaton warhead. The Soviets learned the same lesson – they never made another Tsar-Bomba.

And your comment is correct – the proposed 100-ton launch weight of the proposed new missile is close to the 96-ton launch weight of our old MX ICBN.

So, if the -]Soviets/-] … errr … Russians … put ten MIRVed warheads on their “new” ICBM, then won’t they be in violation of whatever agreement?

Also, wonder if they actually have the money to build the new missile. They are short of money for almost everything and the world price of natural gas has dropped dramatically, so limited income from that. [The Russians supply a lot of natural gas to Europe.]

The “agreement” is in tatters. The Obama foreign policy of appeasement (remember the cancelled Eastern Europe missile defense) has left the Russians in a position of power.

Through the UN Russia has blocked further sanctions against Iran and continues to help them develop their nuclear weapons programs. Russia is currently deploying and targeting the remaining US defense missile sites in Western Europe.

The “frosty relations” under George Bush seem like a better alternate to the beating the US is currently taking.

Remember - Obama claims his foreign policy makes him among the top 4 US presidents. I guess we have only surrendered one nation so far in his presidency.

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