Moscow furious after Ukraine leader points out Soviet collusion with Nazis

As Zelensky mentions pact that carved up Poland and started World War II, Putin’s spokesperson claims that is ‘erroneous and offensive’

MOSCOW, Russia — The Kremlin reacted with fury on Tuesday after Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Soviet collusion with Nazi Germany led to the outbreak of World War II.

“We categorically disagree with this statement,” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, accusing Zelensky of backing the “highly erroneous” position of Poland on the historical events.

The Soviet collaboration with the Nazis remains highly sensitive in the ex-Soviet bloc and frequently crops up in political rhetoric.

Yes, the deal that carved up Poland between the Nazis and USSR to begin with. Hopefully, historic truths will be known by some.

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I think it’s interesting to see how eager Putin’s government is to rehabilitate Stalin (but not so much Lenin or the other original Bolsheviks). I think it tells us a lot about both Stalin’s regime and the fact that the conflict we’re seeing today is hardly distinct from the Cold War, which clearly wasn’t “ideological” but rooted in imperialist competition.

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I presume the Ukrainian president in a spirit of fairness will be referencing the rather copious amount of collusion between Nazis and Ukrainian nationalist groups in that era also.


After the Holodomor they would have nuts not to help anyone rid them of the Soviet yoke.
What was the justification for attacking Poland?

Killing a million people to rid themselves of the Soviet yoke, truly admirable

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But Ukraine did not do that and many Ukrainians were in the Soviet Army and btw, what did Stalin do? Transport the whole Chechen community to Siberia? Those were the kinds of hardships those people faced among others.

And here is backup to what I said:

Not sure what million you are talking about, and who is responsible.
But the gruesome losses in the Holodomor were some 10 million.
And there was much more to come form the Soviets.

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From the post you were responding to:

Well, I see nowhere can Ukraine be said to have killed people by those bumbers, so, I think saying such a thing is extremely unfair.

What do you think the Ukrainian nationalists were collaborating with the Nazis on? Look up figures for the Holocaust in Ukraine.

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What are the figures for the holodomor? 3-7 million. Was this suppose to endear Ukraine to the Kremlin?

And no matter what, the Soviet Union helped start the whole thing to begin with. So, we’ll say the Soviet Union, Kremlin are too, a very important part in starting the holocaust.

Ukrainians were massacred by the Nazis too.

People did not know what was happening always at the time.

Stalin may have killed more than Hitler. A lot of people see them both as evil.

Massacring Ukrainian Jews and partisans to get back at the Kremlin, great job!

The Ukrainian nationalists volunteering to gun down Jews certainly knew what was going on.

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[quote=“Balto1, post:13, topic:588430”] Massacring Ukrainian Jews and partisans to get back at the Kremlin, great job!
Seeing how the Kremlin, Moscow was a partner to the Nazis to start World War II in Europe, that’s a lot worse and by the way, saying the Nazis killed Ukrainian Jews and Partisans demeans the many innocents they killed.

I could put these kinds of arguments together too and say Stalin allowed Hitler to kill the Jews. That’s collusion too.

Ukraine’s president is Jewish. Zelenskiy.

Jews have fled USSR.

And for the rest of the world, one can make this about Ukraine, but for UK, France, Poland, USA, Stalin helped Hitler start World War II in Europe.

Truth is truth, Ukraine’s president said the truth, forget about whatever to derail this into a discussion on Ukraine Nationalists.


No one is defending Stalin lol, but defending people who volunteered to directly commit genocide is really weird

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Anyway, are you saying the Jewish President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky is not telling the truth that the Nazis and Soviets colluded over the invasion of Poland that was per most experts the beginning of World War II.

We are talking about a World War, so this pertains to all of us, not just some region, it pertains to USA, UK, France and so on.

That’s all the point is here, it’s not about Ukraine Nationalism, Russian or Communist Propaganda. This is a side track to this discussion.


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For the record, here is an interview with President Zelensky, I think he’s the right man at the right time, a main problem they have is corruption, he’s wanted to try to clean that up. And he talks about history.

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