Moscow in warning to Anglican Communion

%between%Excerpts from report:

GAYS and women bishops could wreck relations between the Church of England and the Moscow Patriarchate, the Russian Orthodox Church reports…

Moscow reported that Bishop Hilarion also shared his Church’s disquiet over the consecration of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. The 2003 consecration of Bishop Robinson had led the “total curtailment” of relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Episcopal Church after 150 years of dialogue…

While couched in stronger, more direct language, Moscow’s concerns over the future of inter-church relations mirror those of the Vatican. In addresses to the bishops at Lambeth, three Catholic cardinals urged the Anglican Communion to set its house in order and warned that gays and women bishops could wreck ecumenical relations with Rome…

Talk about déjà vu!

The whole of Christendom seems to be concerned with recent developments within the Anglican Communion.

I hope this causes the leaders of the Anglican Communion to reconsider their recent policies.

They see themselves as out in front leading the way. They are progressive. The rest of Christendom is behind the times.

We are witnessing the ultimate destruction of a once-noble, traditional Christian Church. Of course it began in the 70’s with priestesses and the changes to the prayerbook. It’s just too bad it had to end this way…

Hopefully, the traditonal, apostolic Bishops who uphold the male-only Holy Orders, and their Churches leave the communion before it degenerates into Gnostic chaos, like the Episopal Church. (Sorry if I offend any Episcopalians, I know there are some good ones.)

It began long before the 70s.


How so? Well, now that I think about it, I guess it began in the 30’s.

A third area of concern, Bishop Hilarion said, was the participation of the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church in Anglican-Orthodox talks. Moscow has objected to the inclusion of the Estonian Church — which broke away from Moscow with the blessing of the Ecumenical Patriarch following the collapse of the Soviet Union — in ecumenical dialogues with the Anglican Communion and Roman Catholic Church.

Moscow “would be forced to leave” any meeting where the Estonians were present, Bishop Hilarion said.

I may not be my place to say this, but I find this a little odd.

I mean, I can understand the objections to the Estonian Orthodox being present at Orthodox-Catholic dialogue, but at an Orthodox-Anglican dialogue? How far can you really care those objections? Would they object to Estonian Orthodox being present at Orthodox-Baptist dialogue?

I’m probably missing the point. :shrug:

What’s so different about the Estonian Orthodox? :confused:

Maybe the 1530s.

Will Canterbury Cathedral have tanks on the lawn?

What do you mean?

I was just being silly - the thread line doesn’t say ‘Russian Orthodox in warning’, it says ‘Moscow in warning’. Now, there’s a little bit of history in Europe (and Georgia at the moment for that matter) of what has tended to follow from ‘Moscow …’ and it has usually involved tanks.

Thread headlines follows the news headlines exactly. I think “Moscow” meant Russian Patriarchy (as in ROC).

Yes, as I said, I was just being silly.

Silly rabbit, trix are for kids.

Nothing. It’s a canonical issue. It would sort of be like inviting the SSPX in on Ecumenical talks with Rome.

As a matter of principle, the PoM has stated it will not take part in meetings that include the break away Estonians under the EP (the canonical Estonian Church is part of the PoM: btw, Patriarch Alexei is Estonian).

Will they be the new T-95’s or the old T-80’s?

Or will the Brits stay with the Challenger 2’s?


As long as they’re not septic. :slight_smile:

As long as they’re not skeptic . . . . sorry septic. :slight_smile:

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