Moscow signals concern for Russians in Estonia


(Reuters) - Russia signaled concern on Wednesday at Estonia’s treatment of its large ethnic Russian minority, comparing language policy in the Baltic state with what it said was a call in Ukraine to prevent the use of Russian.

Russia has defended its annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula by arguing it has the right to protect Russian-speakers outside its borders, so the reference to linguistic tensions in another former Soviet republic comes at a highly sensitive moment.

The text of the Russian remarks, echoing long-standing complaints over Estonia’s insistence that the large Russian minority in the east of the country should be able to speak Estonian, was not immediately available.

But amid the growing Crimea crisis, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - which like Ukraine were all parts of the old Soviet Union - have expressed growing apprehension over Moscow’s intentions.

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Anyone else feeling déjà vu? :frowning:


So how’s that Obama National Security Strategy working out for you all? Strength through weakness…

Mr. Putin is simply acting as he will. He is taking advantage of the United States’ weakness.


Some might say spineless. Sad.


All over again.

Kazakhstan is also Russian-heavy. Just a heads-up . . .


There are also Russian immigrants in New York City. The mayor had better watch his back.

That’s just humor, of course, but Russian designs on the Baltic states are not funny at all.


“You all” …?

I certainly didn’t vote for him. :nope:


Putin is acting like a reckless Russian imperialist now that Western Europe and the USA haven’t reacted with utter seriousness to the Kremlin’s invasion and annexation of Crimea in Ukraine (all this talk of “de-escalating” by the West only empowers the Kremlin dictator as he sees it, as did his Kremlin forebears, as weakness). The hypocrisy on Putin’s part is unbearable.

Some two million Ukrainians for instance are in Russia - they are not allowed Ukrainian language schools or newspapers such is the bigotry of the Russian government to the Ukrainian language and culture of its ethnic Ukrainian citizens. And Putin has the audacity to threaten former colonies of the Russian/Soviet Empire with complaints about the Russian language? Much of the Russian population in the Baltics and Ukraine originate from Soviet Russian colonization of these countries, and the exile of much of these countries’ (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine) populations to Russia’s east.

The sooner the West sees Putin for the imperialist autocrat he is, and deals with him, the better for Europe and the world.


Haven’t read anything that implies that Russia is planning an invasion, so I wouldn’t get too excited yet. If Putin’s going to make any move, I think he should start making favored nation trade offers to Greece, Cyprus, Serbia, and Macedonia to get them out of the Western orbit.


Yep. :sad_yes: Eerily reminiscent of the events of 1938:

February 1938: Adolf Hitler calls Austrian Chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg to Berchtesgaden, Germany, and bullies him into giving the Nazis complete control of Austria’s interior ministry.

March 12, 1938: The Anschluss, the annexation of Austria into Greater Germany, begins as a large contingent of German troops enters Austria. The Anschluss ostensibly reunites the ethnically similar cultures, and many Austrians welcome the German soldiers.

September 15, 1938: Adolf Hitler meets with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and states his demand that Czechoslovakia yield the Sudetenland, a region of Czechoslovakia with a large German population, to Nazi Germany.

September 29-30, 1938: Leaders of Britain, France, Nazi Germany, and Italy meet at the Munich Convention. In a profound act of capitulation, the delegates deliver the Sudetenland into Adolf Hitler’s hands. Neither Russia nor Czechoslovakia are invited to Munich. Bristish Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain returns to England following his role in the disastrous Munich Agreement claiming to have achieved “peace in our time.”

October 1, 1938: Nazi German troops march into the Sudetenland. Without the support of their alleged allies, France and Britain, the Czechoslovakians are powerless against Adolf Hitler’s army.

The above 1938 synopsis courtesy of:



Ukrainian Soldiers In Crimea Say They Are Being Attacked By Russian Forces

Russian forces seize two Ukrainian bases in Crimea


Why would Putin and his Kremlin buddies want Cyprus out of the West’s economic orbit? After all, the fact that it is part of the EU let’s Putin and his kleptocratic oligarch buddies launder billions of dollars of dirty money taken from Russia, and make such monies legitimate. As Wikileaks, the Guardian, and the Economist have all noted, Putin’s Russia is a “virtual mafia state”. Belarus and Kazakhstan are already complaining about Putin’s high-handedness in Putin’s Eurasian Union, and Armenia had to be coerced to join it.


Russia is merely acting as a sovereign state within its sphere of influence. As a sovereign state, it is its duty to assert the rule of law in any region within its sphere which has become destabilized. For example, the USA is considered the sole sovereign entity of the western hemisphere. If a rival entity (or purely internal forces) were to participate in the overthrow of the Mexican government America would have full-right to assert the rule of law in that region. Some would argue that the USA should Have already been in Mexico due to the cartel situation.

Sovereignty does not consist of lines drawn on maps, but rather in that entity which decides upon the exception: When it is time to act. The situation in the Ukraine involves only the EU and Russia, as the sole sovereign powers of the region. The ‘revolution’ in the Ukraine was instigated and is potentially harmful to Russia’s side of the oil business with the EU, namely the Black Sea routes and pipelines. The USA has very little to do with this beyond a potential to assist Germany and her allies (the EU). If the USA is to have any policing duties, such duties ought to be within her sphere, Latin America. To some extent, there are elements of the US power structure which benefit from instability within the local sphere (Mexico, etc.), hence the historically inconsistent inaction.

Political realism may sound harsh, but in reality borders are merely lines drawn on maps. Truly, there are very few sovereign states in the world. Russia is one of the least aggressive of these entities. If you look into Africa or anywhere in the word, you will find China, the USA and the EU at play. Within the continent of Africa, for example, I would say there is not a single sovereign entity local to the landmass: It is a battleground between China and the EU. Russia’s activity in Crimea, although exciting and loud, is in fact very diminutive.


So borders are merely lines drawn on maps, interesting!! I wonder how you would feel if someone came into your home, invaded it as cavalierly as Russia invaded the Ukraine, and see if “borders are merely lines”, i.e., there are reasons we have laws protecting private property, and there are reasons we have laws protecting countries from foreign invasions. :mad:


Russia better keep out of the 3 Baltic States,they are in the European Union and NATO,if they invade any part of these countries,EU and NATO MUST protect them,Russia would then back down,mark my word.

I have been in Moscow several times,the trouble with Russia,its still living in Communist USSR legacy,while former USSR countries are moving on with their lives.It will take Russia at least 2 generations to get rid of this legacy.Why Crimea wants to join Russia instead of West,is beyond my comprehension,Russian people and professionals are working for a pittance,their women want to marry Western men to get out of the rat race,REAL beggars dressed in rags beg for a bite in abundance ,the high USSR towers are falling apart,police are corrupt to the core.They were dead scared of a Western attack,that;s why their Metro is way down below ground level .During USSR times people were afraid their neighbours were spying on them ,fear was all around .You can feel and see the legacy when you are there.You dont know when Police will stop you asking for passport.
Mother Russia.The only thing i liked about it was the return of the Russian Orthodox Church,though i wish they were in Union with Rome.
Communism left Russia and other USSR and Communist countries in a sorry sorry mess.

Our Lady Star Of The Hebrides,Pray For Russiia


Allow me to tell a more plausible story:

Let us say that Mexico becomes further destabilized. In the metropolis of Mexico City a coalition of political idealists begin to protest against the government ineptitude, corruption and economically suicidal NAFTA agreements with the USA. Let us say that the coalition is joined with political/cartel opportunists and Chinese and/or Russian financiers. With such power, support and the general animalistic instinct of a popular movement, the Mexican government is quickly overthrown. The new government is opposed to US economic interests and the NAFTA agreement. Not only this, but the ensuing situation is one of complete and total instability across the nation amongst multifarious factions and militias.

So, the American military acts: It invades portions of Northwest Mexico and Baja in order to protect US citizens living in the region (many wealthy retirees, businessmen, tourists and others). The USA also wishes to protect economic interests and general regional stability. In return, Russia and/or China sends several naval vessels to patrol nearby waters and makes the expected international noise. By the way, do not expect the American invasion to be clean. Many gang members of Mexican heritage may be found in the military and they may do some interesting things south of the border when confronting the local population. Etc. etc. etc.

Much more could be said about a highly plausible fiction such as this, but in what sense would you say Russia is acting in a way that is unexpected of any nation?

Now, I condone none of this because there is only one entity on this earthly sphere that could ever transcend the barbarity of the common nations of men. Common nations only exist to bathe in the blood of one another. They exist to the exclusion of one another and for gratuitous self-benefit, murder, rapacity, deception, glorification of currency, usury, etc. etc.


I don’t think putin is worried about obama at all. Our president is a weak leader in his own country let alone causing putin to lose any sleep over sanctions imposed by the u.s.


I don’t think putin is worried about obama at all. Our president is a weak leader in his own country let alone causing putin to lose any sleep over sanctions imposed by the u.s.


The US and NATO seemed pretty concerned about the Kosovars. That’s okay though that’s the west they can do no wrong. Dang Russia though, how dare they not toe the line, Putin is the next Hitler, it’s 1938 all over again, etc.


As you know, there are some who post here to whom Mr. Obama can do no wrong.

“If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t try to put it on.”


Yesterday while Crimea was being annexed Pres. Obama’s was making March Madness picks for NCAA Basketball.

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