Moscow's mayor links gays to spread of AIDS

MOSCOW, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Moscow has banned gays and lesbians from promoting their way of life because they can help spread HIV/AIDS, the Russian capital’s 72-year-old mayor was quoted as saying on Thursday by RIA news agency.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, speaking at an HIV/AIDS conference in Moscow, also said there was no scientific proof that condoms provided full protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

“We have banned, and will ban, the propaganda of sexual minorities’ opinions because they can be one of the factors in the spread of HIV infection,” Luzhkov was quoted as saying by state-owned RIA.

What an idiot. Anyone with who has ever listened to the news would know that HIV is primarily spread in Russia via IV drug abuse. Its been that way for decades. He has no excuse for not knowing that.

This is the kind of ignorance you’d expect in the early 80’s, not in 2008. Pathetic.

Congratulations to this Mayor. I wish we had more mayors like this.

Thankfully, in the US we value free speech. If you want your government telling you what you can say or who you can associate with, have at it. But don’t complain if the Human Rights Commission or some other agency restricts the rights of Catholics.


Someone with some common sense, for a change.

IV drug abuse spreads it among heterosexual individuals. That doesn’t mean the man is incorrect about homosexual behaviors causing it to spread.

All instances of unsafe and promiscuous sex spread AIDS. There isn’t anything special about the sex act in homosexuals that makes the spread of AIDS more likely. Singling out gays here is just homophobia.

I’d like to know also what this mayor means by homosexual propaganda, because that seems like an extremely ill-defined concept.

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I have heard that lesbians as a group are the least likely to transmit aids. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know.

I’ll tell you from experience of a) visiting and living in Russia and b) been married to a Russian that been gay is not a popular lifestyle choice in Russia even in the bigger cities. My wife is more old-school on it than I am and firmly believes homosexuality is totally destructive in society whereas I think it is disordered but am more a live and let guy about it. Since my wife and father both believe this I never raise the subject around them as they will talk me to death on it as they both think Mr. Carnelian has a tendency to be a bit naive and over-tolerant. Been a gay man where my wife comes from would (sadly) probably earn you a kicking from some of the locals eventually as Russians expect a man to be a man generally and it’s a fairly macho culture.

Wow, it sounds like you’ve been fed some real propaganda by the militant homosexuals.

They don’t care if their disinformation makes people die, as long as it suits their agenda of forcing all of us to recognize their unions as valid.

And gay sex between two males is much much MUCH more likely to transmit AIDS than normal sex.

Oh, yes, that must be the case. I’ve been fed propaganda. Note that none of what follows is an attempt to justify civil unions, or argue that sexual activity between two men is not a sin.

And gay sex between two males is much much MUCH more likely to transmit AIDS than normal sex.

Statistically, yes. There are several reasons for this, mainly cultural. Gay men are more likely to have promiscuous, unprotected sex. That is in large part due to the long criminalization of homosexuality, which created a culture of anonymous one-night stands, one that still persists to this day.

However, there is nothing special about the sex act between gay men that makes it more likely to transmit AIDS. Rather, gay men are more likely to have promiscuous, unsafe sex, making it more likely for them to contract AIDS.

The problem is and remains promiscuous, unsafe sex. Focusing on homosexuality ignores the root cause of the AIDS epidemic, an epidemic that is still fraught with misinformation, even after three decades of attempts to educate people.

Frankly, focusing on gays in this instance is not only wrong, it is dangerously irresponsible.

Sounds good to me. Promiscuous faggots are responsible for tens of millions of deaths due to AIDS, and yet this scum wants to force us to accept their degenerate lifestyle.

Hey, Dale M and Lujack, want to go to Russia? They’d know what to do with a couple of pieces of liberal garbage like you.

Oh my goodness! You perfectly illustrate the point this mayor was trying to make! You are a victim of the intentional suppression of medical data that has been done to try to protect the image of homosexuality as a valid choice. I know this must sound crazy, but please read on and I will quote legit mainstream medical sources:

You were taught this, at the risk of the public’s health, to avoid stigmatizing AIDS and gays.

The fact is, natural sex, ‘vaginal sex’ is much less likely to spread HIV. Buggery (anal sex) is the huge danger in spreading HIV. This is because the virus has to get into the bloodstream to infect the other person, bleeding is much more likely to occur during buggery.

Of course, this applies as much to anal sex between a male and a female as it does to two males. However, since HIV spreads more easily from the person playing the male role to the person playing the female role, HIV will spread much more quickly through a population where one person plays both roles.

Bravo to the mayor!

Putin’s Russia is one of the few “cleaner” places in the world, if you know what I mean.

All of this is absolutely correct; the problem remains, though, unsafe and promiscuous sex. If monogamous homosexuality continues to become the norm as opposed to the culture of anonymous one-night stands (which is much less common than in the past, but still fairly prevalent) AIDS will decrease.

This mayor ranting about the gays does little to help anyone. AIDS in the homosexual population is the result of unsafe and promiscuous sex. I’ll add one caveat to to your last sentence, too.

HIV will spread much more quickly through a population where one person plays both roles with multiple partners.

It is also worth noting that Russia’s large prostitution and drug problems probably contribute to the problem even more than gays could if they wanted to.

Except for it’s rabid use of abortion.

Part of it is connected with the real fear about decreasing birth rates. A lot of Russian women have moved abroad as they see Russian men as not making great potential partners as there is still very much a culture of women are for the kitchen and bedroom and not to be equal partners in a marriage. While this is in part a stereotype and Russian men are as varied as elsewhere there are quite a lot of men who do treat their wives in this way. In part this is not the men’s fault, unemployment is bad in some areas and men’s traditional roles of been the bread winner and head of the family have dissappeared. The Russians are nowhere near as badly hit by this problem as their neighbours the Ukrainians yets but they are worried it will reach the same proprotions there soon. The Ukraines population dropped massively since independence, the number of Ukrainians I know who married abroad or emigrated is huge and there is a growing Russian community in London for the same reasons. Also, attitudes towards same sex relationships are about 30-40 years behind western Europe and the US especially in more rural areas. These were considered fundamentally destructive to family stability and society in general under the old Soviet System and this attitude has carried on. Technically it’s legal but as the article says been openly gay is risky in many areas. While I disagree with homosexuality persecution of gay people is something I obviously have no time for.

Attitudes towards sexuality with regards to Russian guys are often based on a real man been such due to him been able to get many girlfriends at once or in succession -not so different from the US or Europe of course but a bit more exxagerated.

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