Moses historical evidence


I was asked if there was any historical evidence for the existence of
Moses. I didn’t know off hand. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks


If traditions and texts are removed from the evidence list, then so is most of history. The past is very much closed to us from a purely skeptical point of view.


The period of Egyptian history relating to Moses and Joshua has been fudged by Egyptians wishing to expunge their humiliation at the hands of slaves, and by modern historians wishing to discredit the Bible’s chronology.

Douglas Petrovich is preparing a thesis on this subject and expects to publish his findings in several years time. Keep a look out. In the meanwhile bookmark Associates for Biblical Research


Being that many thousands of years ago, absolute evidence is decayed and gone. Anything short of a body with his birth and death certificate, dental records and a tattoo of the ten commandments on his arm is going to be justification for skeptics to reject.


Thanks for the insight everyone. :slight_smile:


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