One of my really good friends recently came up with a new religion called Mosisism. Pretty much, the best way he explained it was this:

the ten commandments were guidelines more than rules and the catholics decided people werent going to listen on their own so they created the idea of hell.
basically, he blames hell on the catholic religion and thinks everyone is going to heaven no matter what. He also believes the entire new testament is false, yet he still claims his religion in christian. What can I do to help him?


This is a tongue-in-cheek answer, but…
Buy him books on history and logic?


Is he killing infidels? No? Then I say, leave him alone.:smiley:

But seriously, does he seem more happy now that he has this new religion? Take it from me, making a new religion can get rather taxing!


I’ve already tried lending him all my books, even my personal bible. He just isnt a very logical person.


well, that makes sense, but it worries me because he is actually getting people behind him in it.


If he’s under 30 years of age, then it’s probably just a phase. I don’t expect him to be waging jihad anytime soon.:smiley:


I hope youre right.


Is he Catholic?


no, he is “mosisist”. he’s never been Catholic. He used to be methodist, but he still blames catholics for everything and urges me to convert regularly.


Oh, so he’s actively trying to convert people? That changes everything!

You could tell him that for the Jews, the 10 commandments are just the tip of the 613-commandment iceberg. Plus, hell is found in many different religions, not just Catholicism – and, besides, people can suffer from their own, self-created ‘hell’ right here on earth. How does he propose to help those people? And if everyone is going to heaven, then why not just sit home and watch TV, or go out and rob banks?


I’ve tried to get him to explain these things to me and all he had to say was that everyone is going to heaven, end of story. It doesnt leave me a lot of room to explain things, especially when I’m active in the very religion he blames for everything.


I suggest you look behind his new religion and try to figure out his motives before deciding.

I knew a guy once who announced that he had received visions and was now on a mission from Thor and Odin to stamp out homosexuality in the military. He was trying to recruit, too.

The Air Force OSI treated him seriously long enough to gather irrefutable evidence that he was a total fruitcake. Then they started the process to discharge him without a pension for refusal to obey orders.

What he was really trying to do was pull a Maxwell Klinger stunt and get a medical discharge. He’d gotten orders to go on an unaccompanied tour of duty to Korea. :rotfl:


be that as it may, he doesn’t have any motive other than to have a religion where he can do whatever he wants with no consequences.


Ask him to write a catechism.


im not even sure he knows what it is.


If it is a Mosistic doctrine that everybody is going to heaven anyway, what is the basis for his urging you to convert?


So he won’t be alone in whatever backstreet of heaven that he reaches? Personally, I prefer to avoid dark alleys.


I think you’re right

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