Moslem judge approves of domestic violence

RIYADH (AFP) – A Saudi judge has told a seminar on domestic violence that it is okay for a man to slap his wife for lavish spending, a local newspaper reported on Sunday.

Jeddah judge Hamad al-Razine gave the example of overspending to buy a high-end abaya, the head-to toe black shroud Saudi women have to wear in public, as justifying a smack for one’s wife, Arab News said.

“If a person gives 1,200 riyals (320 dollars) to his wife and she spends 900 riyals (240 dollars) to purchase an abaya from a brand shop, and if her husband slaps her on the face as a reaction to her action, she deserves that punishment,” he said.

The judge’s remarks sparked an outcry at the seminar on the role of judicial and security officials in preventing domestic violence, the paper reported.

The seminar was attended by officials as well as activists on domestic violence, including representatives of the National Family Safety Programme.

Razine acknowledged the depth of the problem of domestic violence, until recently not acknowledged as a serious issue in the ultra-conservative Muslim country, where family problems traditionally remained behind closed doors.

Saudi women have in the past few years become more vocal about the problem of husbands beating wives and fathers mistreating children.

But Razine said some of the blame must be shouldered by wives for their behaviour. “Nobody puts even a fraction of the blame on them,” he said, according to the report.

:eek: :mad: That is absolutely despicable!!! As if anything short of self-defense justifies a husband hitting his wife (or vice versa)!!! :mad:

(Sorry, that’s one of my ‘buttons’. :slight_smile: )

You ar right! A slap on the cheek is far worse that the adultery, abortion, homosexuality, etc. that is implicitly and/explicitly given the OK by the American legal system. By the way, it is Muslim…not Moslem.

Now now - don’t start calling the ‘kettle black’ especially when you label adultery as ‘weekend marriages’, or kill the adulterers instead of forgiving them. Or kill the gays. Or have ‘honor killings’ when a man and/or any male member of the household, can kill and just give any excuse such as she dishonored the family, etc.

The ones who are for abortion are also the ones who are your apologists (our left wing liberals), so maybe you should go preach to them about that.

And as for the spelling - in the USA, Moslem is an acceptable spelling. It has changed over time to most people spelling it as Muslim, but that is such a silly thing to worry about when people die over bigotry and hatred perpetrated by the teachings of a religion.

Abu Mujahid, spokesperson ITS (in USA)
‘Sometimes we are blunt when the … ruling system is established we give them a choice we will consult them, give them choice of therapy and tell them to abandon the homosexuality lifestyle and if they don’t - either leave and if you want to be here then you got to face the punishment as a criminal.’

He was asked what is the punishment.

‘Throw them off a cliff.’

In the ME, gays are shot, burned alive, beheaded, beaten to death, flogged and hanged.

Why yes of course, a slap on the cheek isn’t… a slap on the cheek, it’s domestic violence! :eek:

Honestly! lol. Get a grip.

First, it is Muslim because it is an Arabic word. There is no O in Arabic.
Second, there are no such thing as Gays. There are people who call thelselves gays in order to erroneously claim that the depraved, heinous act of homosexual sex is normal. in fact, it is an utterly sinful behavior that cries out to heaven for justice. Keep going with the kid gloves approach to these depraved acts and the “gay rights” movement will have the Catholic Church neutered. You will no longer be able to say that homosexual activity is sinful without being charged with hate crimes. You and so many other Christians are deluded. You think that if you just love them, then that will stop their homosexual activity. If fact, the “gay rights” movement has a larger agenda. They want to silence anyone who says that their depraved acts are acceptable. Evil never walks in and takes a seat quietly. It wants to burn the house down. You will see!

Which sin is greater; a man slapping his wife or homosexual activity? Please provide textual proof, as opposed to your personal feelings. Does the Bible, catechism, or Magisterium generally, discuss either of these sins? If so, which is spoken against more clearly forcefully??? I am NOT saying that hitting a wife is right. I am, though, suggesting that it is hypocritical to be outraged at this, when Americans, Christians, and Catholics are condoning actions that are much more distructive socially (homosexual activity, abortion, euthanasia, etc.). No man should hit his wife…but let us keep our outrage in context.

Wow. That is ridiculous. But then again it doesn’t surprise me coming from the radical Saudi Muslims. I am not saying that all Saudi Muslims are radicals but when it comes to the government, they probably are all radicals.

I’m not sure why in the world your post is quoting or addressed to me. :confused: I did not use the word “Moslem” or even “Muslim” for that matter! I think domestic violence is despicable no matter who did it or who condoned it - Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew etc.

And what adultery, abortion, homosexuality etc has to do with my post I also have no idea. If you are implying somehow that I “implicitly and/explicitly” give the OK to any of these actions just because I am an American you are WAYYYYYYY off base!!! :mad:

And BTW sin is sin no matter what it is - God does not approve of any of it!

There is a verse in the Quran that allows for a man to beat his wife. Islam in general treats wives more like properties and possession rather than an equal partner in the household.

I do not know much about Sharia law, but the judge rendering of the judgment could be always influenced by the spirit of the Quran. I am not surprised at the least if he condoned wife beating, only that it’s truly despicable to condone thing such as this. If a husband considers his wife’s body as his own, he would not want to cause pain to it.

I am not talking to only you. I was making a statement of fact that the word is Muslim and not moslem. Also, too often on CAF, Islam and Muslims are belittled, maligned, and generally castigated unjustly. You (plural) or I can disagree with Islam, but it gives us no right to take the teaching of Islam out of context and then express moral abhorrence, when MUCH WORSE is going on under our noses. I, as with most people of all faiths, agree that a man should not strike his wife. In fact, if you (plural) looked any further that just the surface, you (plural) would see that the allowance to strike ones wife in the Quran is couched in a specific socio-historic context. But, let me not spoil your (plural) fun! After all ignorance is bliss, right? :frowning:

The problem is that TOO MANY people who “do not know much about Sharia law” seem to want to criticize.

You quoted my post which is why I took offense. I don’t believe I have ever belittled or maligned any Muslims. Islam itself, on the other hand, maybe (???) because I don’t think much of it in terms of Truth or the fact that it denies the Divinity of my/our Saviour.

That’s fine that the word is Muslim and not Moslem. I personally always spell it Muslim, but I’ve seen it spelled both ways many times. (If you would like or expect me to correct the spelling and grammatical errors of everyone’s posts then I will expect to be paid as that would be a full time job! :D)

I also don’t think my outrage is misplaced as I was simply addressing the story presented. I did not address Islam in general - just the fact that this judge seems to think hitting a woman is acceptable and that the woman should bear some of the responsibility for being hit. I stand by my position that it is despicable. I also don’t care how the Quran couches striking one’s wife - it is not acceptable **at all **and the teaching that it is sometimes acceptable is unequivocally NOT from God!

Hmmm. Let me be more clear. The reply was not addressed to only you! :banghead: . I quoted your post because it seems relevant to the points I was attempting (apparently unsuccessfully) to make. :shrug:

Apparently. And you still say it was "not addressed to only you" - meaning it includes me - which it decidedly shouldn’t - which is what I find offensive. :mad:

I understand that you have issues with some aspects of American culture that accept undesirable behaviors (adultery, abortion etc.), but that is NOT the Catholic Church nor its faithful members. And that, in turn, does not validate any aspects/teachings of Islam.

If you want me to be explicit, for that matter I **DO NOT **like sharia law. Period. I don’t have to know it to recognize some of its practices, which I detest. I concur with Jay53 on this issue.

So what about the ‘o’ in Arabic. In English, in America, we spelled Muslim as Moslem for decades, or basically as long as I can remember. Only in the past few years has the spelling changed and not everyone is aware of this change.

It is the same with Muhammed, Mohammed, Muhammad, or Quran, Koran, Qu’ran.

Get over it. It is nitpicking on something that doesn’t mean anything.

As for gays, or homosexuals, it is just one more group that the Muslims hate. And with URL=“”]Slavery in islam, they take boys, to this very day, and use/abuse them sexually and in other ways too. And your heaven is full of boy children for your pleasures. And we know what happens to girl children, nothing protects them from old perverts in Islam.

Equality is Islam is not even a concept. The only ones that are equal are the Muslim males and everyone else is just open for abuse. Not even a Muslim male child can be assured of no abuse if the adult wants to smack him around - and that is per Muhammed!

To hate the gays because they are gay instead of letting them be judged by God is just more hatred. In fact, it is putting oneself up there with God when setting oneself up as judge, jury and in too many cases the executioner.

Jesus - Permit the children to come to Me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Luke 16:18
I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:24
also Mark 9:37, Matthew 11:25
hadith - Dawud, narrated As-Saburah (also recorded by Ahmand and al-Hakim. Al-Syuti has given in a notation signifying that it is authentic.
Al-Albani has graded it hasan. Al-Albani, Sahih Al-Jami, vol.2, p. 1021.)
The prophet said: Order your children to pray at the age of seven. And beat them if they do not do so by the age of ten. And separate them in their bedding.

Another prisoner Uqba Ibn Abi Muait was decapitated in front of the prophet. Before being killed the prisoner cried out pitifully "o prophet, who will look after my children if I should die?"
The ‘great prophet of the religion of peace’ coldly spat out “HELLFIRE”, as the blade came down and spattered his clothese with Uqra’s blood. (Incident at the well of Badr, account by D.S.Margoliouth in his book ‘muhammad and the Rise of islam’.

To tell you the truth, this hatred of others just keeps on going. There is no end to it. And it is all an ‘accident’ of birth’.

You can tell me what the Catholic Church will do or not do in the case of gays. I will not hate them just because some Muslim, or some Islamic doctrine, tells me to hate.

I will pray for you too, because all that hatred is really hard to carry around all the time.:signofcross::highprayer::signofcross:

What’s the moral difference between that, & beating children with a belt, slipper, or cane ? Many non-Muslim parents (and others) do that. Parts of the Bible are a child-beater’s charter, such as Ecclesiasticus (AKA Sirach) 30. OTOH, it contains not a word against the practice :mad::eek:

I can’t see the difference :confused:

So does oppression of the poor - not that we hear much of that one :rolleyes: But homosexuals make better hate figures than capitalists LOL :slight_smile: For one thing, there are fewer of them. For another, homosexuality is easy to attribute to to “them”; the other thing is too close to home.

Keep going with the kid gloves approach to these depraved acts and the “gay rights” movement will have the Catholic Church neutered. You will no longer be able to say that homosexual activity is sinful without being charged with hate crimes. You and so many other Christians are deluded. You think that if you just love them, then that will stop their homosexual activity.

Yes - so why not exterminate them ? Oh, wait, Adolf tried that one (& got rid of 10,000-15,000)

It might be better to neuter all priests - then they would not “misbehave”. :mad:

If fact, the “gay rights” movement has a larger agenda. They want to silence anyone who says that their depraved acts are acceptable. Evil never walks in and takes a seat quietly. It wants to burn the house down. You will see!

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