Moslems don't have the same Qur'an....



I thought all moslems believe in ONE QUR’AN:


"Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi has made differing statements on the matter, and seems to have changed his stance on Shi’aism as he acquired more knowledge on the topic:

"Let it be known to all that the Shi`ah are Muslims who believe in the Oneness of Allah and the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Yes, there is no doubt that the Shi`ah have their beliefs and dogmas which we condemn as heresy but this doesn’t make them non-Muslims." (August 17, 2006)[15]

"He pointed out that he travelled to Iran around 8 years ago and met with former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami and was received enthusiastically. And he told the Shia scholars there that if there is to be a true discussion and unity amongst us it is necessary for a number of things to be fully stopped, such as your saying that the Quran in our hands is altered and that the Mushaf Faatemah is an addition to this Quran, and the constant insults upon the Sahaabah, May Allah be pleased with them . And it is beyond imagination that I would say Abu Bakr, Radhia Allahu Anhu, and you say, La'anahu Allah, this is totally unacceptable. Also to stop consistently talking about Ali's higher right to Khilaphah, for all them have died and the matter is finished, and that Umar bin Abdul Aziz was asked on the past conflict between Ali and Muawiyah and the blood in this conflict, he said that Allah has cleansed our hands from this blood so why should we soil our tongues with it." (September 3, 2006)[16]"

Sunni’s Qur’an is altered while Shiia’s the correct one???

They have their own “schism” to worry…

So they claim that our is Bible “altered” and that the Qur’an is complete and unaltered what can we say about this???

Kind regards to all!


If you really wish to learn more about it, then perhaps it is better for the Shi’a Muslims themselves to explain to you what the ‘Mushaf Fatima’ is and the following is an excerpt of the article:

One of the many unfounded allegations that the Shi’a of Ali and Fatima AS have had to endure is that we possess a separate Qur’an with additional three suwar (chapters of The Qur’an) or with some verses missing. However, no one for the last fourteen centuries has ever been nor will be able to show such a Qur’an simply because the accusation is false and such a Qur’an does not exist. The Qur’an that we believe in and read and follow is the one and only that is in the hands of every Muslim.

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