Moslems offended by national holiday


For those who don’t know, in Australia and in New Zealand we commemorate our soldiers/veterans on ANZAC Day - ANZAC being an acronym of Australian and** New Z**ealand Army Corps - our first combined unit in WWI

Anzac Day 'may offend’
Stuart Sherwin
April 12, 2007 12:00am

ANZAC Day commemorations may offend some religious and ethnic minorities, a
new report has claimed.

The study commissioned by Multicultural Affairs Queensland found some
immigrants associated Anzac Day with the “increased nationalism” expressed
most graphically at the Cronulla riots in 2005.

The report also claimed a “climate of fear” has seized Queensland’s Muslim
community, which it blamed on federal immigration and anti-terrorist
policies and the media.

The situation is so dire that some Brisbane Muslims suspect they might be
sent to concentration camps, while others live in fear of bomb attacks.

Some refugees even told researchers they felt safer in their countries of
origin than in Australia.

But RSL state president Doug Formby said they were wrong to associate Anzac
Day with racism.

"Anzac Day is purely to recognise the deeds of our servicemen and women,"
Mr Formby said.

“No one is forced to attend and no one should take offence at a
long-standing tradition in this country.”

Dr Mohamad Abdalla, an imam at Brisbane’s Kuraby Mosque and head of the
Islamic Research Unit at Griffith University, agreed.

"Embracing events such as Anzac Day does not contradict Islamic teaching,"
Dr Abdalla said. “Muslims have joined the Australian armed forces and
received medals. Anzac Day events are not factors in inciting hatred. In
fact, they can help Muslims and non-Muslims interact positively.”

The report, carried out by Victoria’s Monash University and the Australian
Multicultural Foundation, was based on interviews with 183 people in
Queensland and Victoria.

Its aim was to assess the impact of events such as the September 11
attacks, Bali bombings and the Darfur crisis on multiculturalism in

The study, which received two grants of $35,000 from Victoria and
Queensland, praised Premier Peter Beattie and his Victorian counterpart
Steve Bracks for “upholding the principles of multiculturalism”.

However, Dr Abdalla was unenthusiastic about some of the suggestions in the
report, such as legislation “to prevent the media from inciting violence”,
compelling schools to teach Islamic history and the scheduling of exams
around the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

“It’s not sufficient for Muslims to say others have to take action,” he
said. “The onus is also on them to go out and engage with non-Muslims.”,23739,21541599-5003406,00.html


It is a bit sad that anyone unnecessarily feels fear in this country.

However, given the Australia Day altercations in Cronulla last year, I’m not so sure that the fear is utterly baseless, sadly, although nothing similar has happened since.


And of course people ignore the ‘riot’ that followed the Cronulla riot, and the bashing of two lifesavers prior to the ‘riot’.


Not at all ignoring the contributions of either side - if I were Muslim I’d be scared of hotheads in my own sector of the community as well as others!


I didn’t single you out. I apologise, if you feel that I’m directing that to you (about ignoring things)

What hot-heads circulate around ANZAC Day? There’s been no SMS’s going around calling on people to get down to the Cenotaph (in Martin Place) to wreck the dawn service.

The RSL’s* already forgiven that guy who last year burnt their flag.

*for those who don’t know the RSL is the main representative of veterans.

At the time of the riots a young ‘hothead’ Moslem climbed up a flagpole outside a branch of the RSL and took down our national flag and burnt it.


I have to admit I have not heard of the Cronulla riot. Would you please fill me in? Thanks.




Multiculturalism is the death of a country’s identity!

The purpose of multiculturalism is to extirpate the truly free cultures by asserting that they are equivalent to primitive, Islamic cultures. The idea is kept alive by repeating myths about the “tolerant” Islamic rule in Spain. If all cultures and religions are equally worthy of respect, why didn’t the West remain in the age when we burned witches and held slaves? We progressed and left Islam behind because we possessed the ability to criticize ourselves and move on. The only cultures worthy of respect are those who can withstand scrutiny. If yours is too weak to survive this treatment, then you do not belong in a Western society.


Yeah, so now they’re afraid of being treated the same way that they treat non-Muslims! :rolleyes:



I absolutely cant stand it when Muslims (and other groups but Muslims seem to do it the most) move to a country and then whine and complain that national events and age old traditions are offensive to THEIR beliefs and THEIR culture. They are just in denial that the real problems come from their culture and not the West. Whats next? American Muslims protesting Veteran’s Day because soldiers have killed Muslims in combat?!


I wholeheartedly agree! :thumbsup:



Well in that case they should go back to where they came from! After all, if they feel that way, it’s their own doing that has caused this mess.

This is what those Lebanese thugs were chanting:

All Arabs unite as one, we will never back down, the Aussies will feel the full force of the Arabs. Destroy everything, gather at Cronulla December 18 at midday - spread the word. Together exterminate the enemy at Cronulla. Send this to every lion of Lebanon. - Text message circulating amongst Lebanese gang members :mad:



Not true, its up to the , city, state, country to hold onto most/some culture and not give into people who want to dismantle “culture”. Walking a few blocks in NYC you see culture change before your eyes. Religion is only part of culture, so it may be a conflict to some religions. I really feel a multicultural country can work, in fact it does! It is the U.S.A. We do have some tweaking but it works.

One tweak is…
At our post office we had to take down our Christmas tree and decorations because it “offended” a few Jews. This could have been handled in a different way, but the headmaster decided to remove it ALL. A Tweak solution would have been LEAVE the stuff there but add a Jewish area.


I agree but my experience it is the Jews …here in NYC.


I absolutely cant stand it when Muslims (and other groups but Muslims seem to do it the most) move to a country and then whine and complain that national events and age old traditions are offensive to THEIR beliefs and THEIR culture. They are just in denial that the real problems come from their culture and not the West. Whats next? American Muslims protesting Veteran’s Day because soldiers have killed Muslims in combat?!

Yeah! It is like the plastic paddy’s having their damned Saint Patrick’s day celebrations and getting pissed in the bars. It is like the Catholic leaders in Israel complaining about the way Christians are treated like second-class citizens in that country.

No wait…

Apologies, but there is nothing wrong with many cultures living in one nation. We’re lucky in the United States, as Catholics, that a great number of Irish, Italian, Polish, German Catholic, Spanish and Hispanic, and other Catholic cultures were allowed to settle here. If you don’t think that many of them held on to their traditions and cultures and faced a great deal of hostility (including brutality) for it, then you are mistaken.

There is a truly nasty side to nationalism, just ask the native peoples of all the colonial states such as America, Canada, and Australia and you’ll quickly find it.


Surely the “cat meat” Sheikh is largely to blame for anti-Muslim sentiments? I saw a picture of the Burkhini the other day, gave me a laugh!
We have lots of this in the UK, and usually it isn’t the Muslims who would be offended (or whichever minority is in question) but a pedantic official who thinks they would be, but doesn’t bother to ask!!! So don’t get on their backs without checking is the moral of the story.


well seeing as the Jews are ingrained in NYC culture they have more of a right to be offended over things than the Muslims do. And you cannot ignore the fact that anti-Semitism runs rampant in society today. To the person who said that multiculturalism is killing society, I certainly agree to an extent. I think it is great having a diverse country but when the diversity begins to encroach on American identity, then I have a problem.


Muslims are offended by pretty much everything and anything. They live in a state of perpetual insult.


Islam wants to destroy our society and all other religions and set up its primitive, disgusting and inhuman sharia law in its place!



Yes, and they have all integrated into this country. I myself am an immigrant who left Cuba to escape communism. Islam is totally different. Muslims do not want to integrate and they want everyone else to bow and kowtow to their fanatical and superstitious beliefs!

Good grief! Muslims checkers at Target stores won’t even scan a package of bacon, for heaven’s sake! :hypno: Do you think that this type of behavior is compatible with our way of life?


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