Mosques: We will not bury this Muslim

The leadership of the Germantown Masjid has refused to conduct funeral services for Howard Cain, the bank robber who killed Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski with a Chinese-made semi-automatic rifle.
“No, we will not bury him at Germantown Masjid,” said Tariq El Shabazz, managing director of the mosque. “We don’t want one slight scintilla hinting that we condone his behavior.”

This story just keeps on popping up with a different controversial stories. First of all, it was a cop killing - a good man leaving behind a wife and three kids. :gopray:

Then, the controversy was the the weapons - they had fully automatic machine guns similar to Ak-47

Now - the mosques do not want to give them a muslim burial.

I think it shows cowardice on the part of the Germantown Masjid. Al Capone was given a Catholic funeral and buried in a Catholic cemetary along with his parents.
The true measure of faith is forgiveness and hope for everlasting life.
I can appreciate the sentiments of the Masjid, particularly because the attitude towards Muslims is not very positive.
But to deny burial rights in his faith is wrong.

At one time, Catholics who commited suicide were not allowed to be buried in sacred ground. I think this has changed with the acknolwedgement that a man’s sins in life does not necessarily rule out forgiveness from God.

According to you, I would think that the Imam of a masjid would know better what his religion teaches.

In Islamic law if the deceased committed a major crime (such as murder) prior to dying, then the authorities are not supposed to pray at his funeral so as not to give the impression that they condone what he did. That’s not to say he doesn’t have the right to have an Islamic burial, he does (and this guy is being given one by his family), but religious leaders at the Mosque have every right to decline to take part in it.

It’s not cowardice, it’s a matter of principle.

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