Mosquito Ovitraps


I know we have some members in the military and some who live in tropical areas. Any of have any experience with ovitraps?

The mosquitoes in my yard are out of control. It’s my own fault because I let a couple of breeding places good too long this spring.

After some research on the net I came up these ovitraps. I am using Mosquito dunks to kill the larvae. If any has some experience to share I would love to hear it. I want the trap to be as efficient as possible.



DDT my friend :unamused:


Nope. I am looking to stay environmentally friendly.


I don’t know where you’d get any dragonfly larvae, but they eat mosquitoes. Plus, they look cool buzzing around your yard, and if they have a lot of prey, they’re bound to multiply.


Lizards … toads … spiders … They all help to keep the insect population down. They don’t look so cool, though.


Every time I go out the door I get hit by mosquitoes. I have bites all over. I can control ‘my side of the fence’ but there is nothing I can do about the hoarder on one side or the empty house/yard on the other side.


My in laws have toads in their pond, but I don’t. I left them a prepaid postage and an insulated box. They are supposed to ship me some toad eggs next spring.


This guy has been hanging out for the last week:

Hope to get many more. Never seen a red one before.


Neither have I. The only brightly colored dragonflies we see here are blue.


Maybe arrange with @robertmidwest to ship you a breeding pair of toads?


Contact your city or county. Most will have ordinances against leaving standing water.


Roads and lizards are awesome!
Spiders, OTOH, are simply loathsome


I was always something of an arachnophobe until a few years ago, when something happened to change my mind. My grandson has an uncle on the other side of his family who, at that time, was a young doctor working at an Army medical facility producing antivenoms for what I suppose must have been jungle warfare. They kept all kinds of snakes, scorpions, tarantulas and other dangerous animals, milking them for their venom every day. One day G’s uncle brought him a tarantula as a present. She had had her poison glands removed and was harmless. A weird sort of pet, but I got used to her in time. One day she escaped from her box and I needed to recapture her after we located her hiding under the refrigerator in the kitchen. Those five minutes definitively cured my fear of spiders.



Looks like this is a meadowhawk.




A single little brown bat can eat up to 1000 mosquitoes in a single hour ! It is one of the world’s longest-lived mammals for its size, with life spans of almost 40 years. Bats are more closely related to humans and other primates than they are to rodents.


Where is the brown bats’ habitat? Here where I live we have a lot of small bats, but only a single species and they’re vegans, feeding on nothing but fruit. Mosquito-eating bats would be very welcome!


The Brown Bat’s range is most of north America. You can also find info on building bat houses to help them out. Here is a bit more info on them-


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