Most Americans Say God Exists; Fewer Are 'Absolutely Certain'

Though eight in ten Americans say they believe in God, only about three in five say they are “absolutely certain” God exists, a new poll shows.

A poll by Harris Interactive of over 2,000 adults found that 59 percent of Americans are “absolutely certain” and 15 percent are “somewhat certain” that there is a God.

Those over the age of 40, in the South, or who are female are most likely to be absolutely certain compared to 25- to 29-year-olds, those who live in the East and males.

Among Americans with religious affiliation, born again Christians (87 percent) and Protestants (76 percent) are most likely to express absolute certainty.

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Not surprised at all.
Look around our society.
After all, life IS all about ME, isn’t it ???

In the PNW where I live, I’d say the numbers are much worse, about 1 in 10

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