Most Americans think Russia tried to interfere in presidential election


Most Americans think Russia tried to interfere in presidential election, CBS News poll finds




The key word here is “tried”.

I haven’t spoken with anyone who said they changed who they voted for because of WikiLeaks.

If Russia was up to no good their goal would be to sow division rather than influence the election.

I could be wrong but that’s my opinion.


I would say it’s both.

Well, I haven’t met any Republicans who said they changed their vote because of the Trump tape, even though that was the purpose of its release. Voters can surprise you.


Exactly. Tried but failed.

They may partially succeed with this ongoing effort.



Could be. Russia being Russia.


True because people aren’t going to stop rehashing it over and over.

As John McAfee said, it’s impossible to trace hackers that know what they’re doing. He even said if it appears that comes from Russia that he guarantees it wasn’t Russia.

Either way both Obama and Clinton have acknowledged the election results. Time for everyone else to do the same and wait and see what happens.


It’s become an obsession to some on the left.

I can tell you with some confidence that one can trace activity in certain circumstances. It all depends on the level of access and what hardware one has access to. Civilian security companies do not have that access. A select few US agencies do. From what I have read, they were watching.

The election results were valid. There is no doubt about it.


And none of them have any proof whatsoever this is true. I will withhold judgment until something like solid proof is given, because that is one of the principles of our justice system.
Furthermore there is no proof that even one person changed their vote because someone working for the Russians persuaded them.

What has happened to common sense in this country?


The Cold War is over. Russia is now a force for good in the world.


I mean, our intelligence agencies came out and reported this.


I break with my fellow Dems on overall fears of Russia generally, but this HAS to be sarcasm.


I’ve been sympathetic towards Russia since the Pristina airport incident in 1999.


Google: Russia + Human Rights.


THE CIA and FBI did not provide in-depth evidence beyond analysis for citizens. Unfortunately, after going to war over *weapons of mass destruction * - people are demanding a bit more evidence. In this case, I believe some may be available. But the proof is in the pudding.


Americans have been systematically bombarded with fake news regarding non-existant Russian crimes, of which there’s not the slightest proof:

In point of actual fact, there has only been one instance of a foreign nation directly interferring in an American Presidential election. That was in 1980, when Iran conspired to elect Ronald Reagan.


I unreservedly agree 100% with this statement. :slight_smile:


Ok stop the pro-Russia is a force of good rubbish. Heh It’s comical.

Countries try an influence foreign elections (most fail)…we are not immune.


Then you are ignorant on the facts of what is going on in Russia or love fascist autocrats.


A bit harsh.

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