Most annoying celebrities

Which celebrities annoy you the most.
My picks: Tom Cruise
Hillary Clinton
Michael Moore (really, the guy should just leave us alone and move to France)

They ALL annoy me. The worst offenders:
S. Sarandon
T. Robbins
S. Penn
A. Jolie
G. Clooney
B. Streisand
R. O’Donnel

And the one-namers:

While the young celebs like L. Lohan and P. Hilton are annoying in their ubiquitousness, they don’t provoke my ire like the one’s who express their political opinions ad nauseam.

I don’t get annoyed with stars until they start spouting off political views. I could care less what these individuals think about who is in office or their views on American policy.

I’ve heard a few famous people express annoyance at the fact that most Americans don’t really like to hear their viewpoints. These stars state that they have a right to speak their mind. This is true. But I can escape a neighbor’s ignorance by not visiting them, as soon as I turn on the news, I will hear over and over the latest silly comment by some movie star.

When you read the biography of many famous people it is surprising how uneducated many are. Now an uneducated person can be self taught and be intelligent. But I am always surprised that the media reports the quotes of famous people as though they are all geniuses or experts in various field.

I honestly think that there are some movie stars who believe that if they play a part in a movie that they become an expert on the social conditions that surrond that character. So, playing a part about a housemaid makes an actress an expert on anything effecting housemaids, including wages, work and unjust employers.:shrug:

Rosie O’Donnell

Regis and Kelly. (Before that, it was Regis and Kathy Lee).

Ellen Degeneres

All the women on The View, although my brother considers this the best Comedy Hour on TV. (He’s a rough, tough welder who is the 2nd shift supervisor in a metal recycling factory–isn’t that a hoot that he watches The View?!)

And for those who are familiar with the world of figure skating — Johnny Weir.

I really can’t stand one of our local weathermen, either. He’s such a drama queen, and all too often, his predictions are wrong and we end up cancelling everything for half an inch of snow. .

I’m sure if I were a celebrity, a lot of people would find me very annoying, too!

George Clooney, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnel sicken me the most.

Oh, most celebrities annoy me. I can admire their ability to sing, dance, act etc. But I don’t consider them experts in anything other than singing, dancing, acting etc.

Alicia silverstone was on Letterman one night complaining about peolpe building house near the Pacific Ocean were ruining the landscape. Two minutes later she was complaining of how her house was slipping into the ocean.

Lettermans a jerk also.

They all annoy me, across the board. I don’t believe in celebrity and I certainly do not see these people as better than me in any way. I also do not appreciate the media ramming these people down my throat every day.
I see these people as the morons of the world. They are all so uncomfortable in their own skin that they chose an occupation that affords them the opportunity to be someone else. That fact is very telling about the psyche of these people. Whoever labeled Hollywood as “plastic town” was certainly on the mark.
Basically, when we see these people in the news, making uneducated statements, we are getting a glimpse into the island of misfit toys.



Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell, Barbara Walters, Hillary Clinton and Tom Cruise.

Wow are you reading my mind? You picked all the ones I would!:smiley:

I have to add Robin Williams can’t stomach him!

Watch me forget all the ones I’d planned on listing:
I’m in agreement with you on -

Tom Cruise
Hillary Clinton - as well as Bill Clinton

(And did you know? **Michael Moore **wanted to be a priest???)
Katie Holmes - Cruise’s latest wife (who I’d never heard of before she dated him) - and if I heard right, agreed to give up custody of her child to him if they break up?
She’s Catholic - he’s Scientology…where are her loyalties?
Rosie O’Donnell
Joy Behar
Paris Hilton
Brittany Spears
(how dare she claim that name?)
Angelina Jolie
Oprah lost me the day she referred to God as “she”

Not feeling very Christian right now - but it’s amazing how these get all the publicity, notoriety - and at times compassion - while someone like Mel Gibson (who I’ll admit has his faults) produces “The Passion” - and from that time on - his faults are publicized as most grievous.

(how dare she claim that name?)

Um, that is her name. Her parents named her Madonna Louise…

But I know what you mean. :eek:


WOW…That’s news to me. Thanks for the educational update !

Rush Limbaugh. He was annoying in High School and is even more annoying now. And he would be annoying regardless of his political view:yup:

Pretty much what everyone else said, and…

Scarlett Johanssen.

Ugh. So overrated. :mad:

I actually like Ellen Degeneres–the gay comedian who knows more than one joke (hint, it ain’t about race relations).

As for dislike, all celebrities with political views, even the few conservatives. You’re here to look pretty and say your lines right, not order our lives for us.

Otherwise, I’d have to say Steven Seagall (or however you spell his name). He’s annoying, he can’t act, and he’s apparently a despicable human being. Also the choreography in his fights makes it impossible to see what’s going on–which I regard as grounds to revoke basic human rights for a Director of Photography or fight choreographer.

On the other hand, Chuck Norris is annoying and can’t act, but he’s apparently very decent.

I’d also have to add Ashton Kutcher. Him? An irresistable lothario? He should be behind a counter, assisting others to rent movies, not starring in them.

I am blessed to live far, far away from Hollywood and all those gossip magazines. I don’t have a TV, so I don’t see all those endless celebrity shows. I get my news from the internet, and I never check the entertainment section. I teach students who live on campus and can’t watch TV, so they can’t tell me anything about the celebrity gossip. I’m just a few steps away from Heaven!

However, occasionally I am exposed to celebrities, and when I am, I find myself irritated with Tom Cruise (Scientology is just weird), that guy who hosts “American Idol” (he’s annoying) and most of the late-night comedy show hosts. In fact, I’ve learned a few celebrity names from people blasting them here on CAF - it’s a nice feeling to know that I’m not being bothered by overexposure to them. Now I just need to convince my BF that we won’t want a TV when we get married.:rolleyes:

If tv would simply leave celebrities on celebrity shows, I wouldn’t be so annoyed by movie stars. But for goodness sake, you turn on the news and you don’t hear about the war in Iraq, or anything newsworthy, you hear about Brit. Spears’ breakdown.:crying: I can’t convince my family to give up the tv.:frowning:

No one mentioned Obama (even though the Clintons were mentioned)? I would put him up there on my annoyances. Globe trotting and smooth talking aren’t very appealing to this midwestern gal. I prefer rough around the edges kind of people because they are at least honest, not sly like a serpant.

Other like him (with the same smooth talking):

Johnny Depp (even though I do enjoy his acting)
Alec Baldwin (wasn’t he suppose to move to a more “enlightened” country outside of the US?)
Angelina Jolie (she needs to slow her life down to care for her children, not have a nanny do it)
Sheryl Crow (for abortion but yet adopts someone who’s mom could have aborted)
George Clooney and Brad Pitt (even though they are fun to watch in the Ocean’s movies)
Ben Affleck (I saw him lobby on Capitol Hill once in support of embryonic stem cell research, needless to say I haven’t liked him since - he was rude and sound like a baffoon in his testimony).

All of them who claim their life is “so hard” they have to turn to drugs to “cope” - if it is that bad, quit and go get a 9-5 like the rest of us!!!

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