Most Annoying TV Commercials

What TV commercials really really irk or annoy you? I propose three catagories for your input.

Current Commercial: My pick: the Head On commercial (This has to be a joke. Right?)

All Time Most Annoying Commercial: My pick: Mr Wipple squeezing the Charmin.

Most Annoying 30 Minute Infomercial: My pick: The Don Barrett ITV mock interview with the guy who invented the Almighty Cleanse.

Your nominations?

I don’t appreciate the K-Y commercials or the ones for Viagra,

Any commercial that has absolutely NOTHING to do with the product being advertised (off the top of my head, the Beyonce music video for–I think–wireless phone service and the Paris Hiilton commercials for Carl’s Jr.)

You didn’t mention radio ads, but since I spend more time in my car than in front of the TV, let me just add any commercial that includes the sounds of eating (or rather, chomping) or drinking (as in, slurping or sucking the bottom of a drink cup dry) make me want to crash my car into a ditch!

any commercial for gender-based personal care products and “enhancements”.

Ditto, but I WOULD add HeadOn. :mad:

At least they are not (yet) advertizing ED solutions with the same application system and naming style of HeadOn, ActivOn, et cetera… :shrug:

I fear the day,

There is a vocational/technical school around here which runs these ads showing someone who has supposedly graduated from their school and has a great job. OK, that’s fine…except the ad neglects to say anything about the actual career or the training involved, and focuses on “look at me, I went to XYZ School, and now I make all of this money, I have bought all of these fancy toys, and my family is so proud.” Gag me. A more realistic approach would be, “Look at me, I spent x thousand dollars to go to this school, so I can make $15/hr instead of minimum wage…and I’m still working my tail off in order to do so.” :rolleyes:

My least-favorite nationally-run ads are the ones for the ED drugs, herpes pills, etc. “Vivaaaaa Viagra”

Any commercial from

ED ads - all of them are nauseating.
Any ads for birth control pills.
Political ads.
Ads that use young women in skimpy clothing,

I don’t get what’s nauseating about ED ads. I do dislike sanitary napkin & tampon ads. Particularly the ones that use blue liquid.

There is a commercial that I miss – the weird one for McDonald’s Egg McMuffin which featured a dwarf cop, a minature horse, a balloon ride & a buxom blond singer and some ‘classical’ tune that I have since unsuccessfully tried to ID .

The whiney guy with the beard trying to sell the cleaning products. I believe one is called Kaboom.

the bank commercial that shows neighbors enviously eying the new car, new deck, new patio furniture, new toys next door, and promising you too can keep up with the Jones with our bank’s credit card. that campaign a few years ago caused us to change banks (and to sell our stock in that bank) and to tell shareholders and bank president why. bank is one of hardest hit in subprime mtge fiasco and is being bought out by another bank to keep it solvent (not Christian to shout “yes”)

Two worlds:OLD PEOPLE. ED. Image if it was you parents.

It’s not so much the ads themselves, but the fact that they run them during what should be family viewing time – during the evening news, sporting events, etc. I wonder how many parents have had to come up with ways to answer the question, “Hey Mom, what’s Viagra for?” :blush:

I actually like the commercials. They make me laugh. Especially the one that starts, “I married my dream girl, I married my dream girl, but she didn’t tell me that her credit was bad/So now instead of living in a pleasant suburb/We’re living in the basement at her mom and dad’s” :cool:

I HATE the “It’s money and I need it now” commercials. Especially since my three year old thinks they are hilarious and runs to the window to yell “It my money, I need now!” whenever he sees them.

KFC snacker commercial where they say, smugly, “Small coin”. That phrase irritates me more than anything I can name.

First, it isn’t only ‘old people’ who have the problem, 20 somethings have it too.
Second, imagining my parents having satisfying sex never bothered me in the least, even as a teenager.

i HATE the caveman commercials for Gieco. I liked the older ones better.

The Viagra ones are just awkward. Just recently, I was watching the Pens game with my dad, and that came on. It was really awkward, but luckily my dad changed it to the next channel (we switched back to the game in time though).

Guilty pleasure: My family and I get a morbid kick out of commercials run by a local ambulance chaser – Lawyer shouting into the camera while horrific car crashes play on the bluescreen behind him. Here is the best one, but you can see the others on YouTube too.


Those Geico commercials! They’re so stupid. The caveman ones are kind of funny (though they have nothing to do with the product), but those “I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance” makes me with my remote were a gun.

Those five dollar foot long commercials from Subway are driving me nuts. It would be nice if their jingle were better.

Other annoying ones:
-Head On (the thing you roll on your head for “instant relief”)
Alright, I heard you the first time, shut up already!
-The “Magical Amount” anti-smoking commercial
I don’t smoke, but the commercial is stupid, apparently supposed to be a spoof of those old Disney movies from the 60s. Not funny.
-Those cellphone commercials that go, Can you hear me now?
-Those Skittles commercials with that Hawaiian guy, medieval guy and a bunch of other weirdos
-That commercial with that girl in the supermarket going “boom chicka waw waw” (do you know which one I mean? A black chick checking out some guy, then doing that OBNOXIOUS thing? Sorry, I don’t know what product it’s for; I turn off my brain when it comes on)
-Old Navy commercials
Or at least they used to be annoying. I don’t know what commercials they have out nowadays. I don’t remember having seen one recently.

Someone posted that those commercials are obnoxious. Yeah, they kinda are. I personally know the guy in them and he’s a little on the weird side (big surprise).

Then there are those commercials that go “Heartburn (something) indigestion, upset stomach (something something)” where they try to spoof those old Godzilla movies. I don’t know why, but that commercial scares me.

On some local channel here, they show re-runs of Soul Train. I don’t watch that show, but they keep running commercials for it during The Simpsons. I look at those people and I keep thinking, thank God I was born in the 80s, after that tacky stuff died out.

Celebrity endorsements of products are useless. I feel like a part of my brain dies every time they show one of those. So what if they like it? Like with that lame Pepsi commercial with that N Sync guy. I don’t like his music. Just because he drinks it, it doesn’t mean I will too. I do like Diet Pepsi, but it’s because it tastes good and has caffeine. That’s part of the problem of this culture. People listen to what celebrities like and think, but they’re almost always not experts and are just not qualified to have an opinion worth hearing.

And call me a prude, but I don’t like those commercials that have to do with private things, like “male enhancement” and contraception things. What you do is your business and I really don’t care; just don’t make me hear about it. There’s also a commercial for a “massager” for women. I’m not gonna say what it is, but it’s gross. I so don’t want to hear about it. This is one of the reasons why I just don’t watch much TV. Other reasons are that TV shows are too stupid too, and that I have better things to do with my time than watch those parades of nuts and weirdos.

Even though I watch very little TV, I can come up with so many obnoxious commercials. What does that say? Either just that I’m really irritable or TV is just getting that stupid.

Oh, one of my least favorite, to say it nicely, commercials was just on. It’s for a local nursing home/rehabilitation center. It shows this woman who is probably in her 80s, and loving it there because of all the nice things…private room, good food, attention, etc. That’s great. What gets me is they show this woman with her hair all done up nicely, full make-up on soaking in a bubble bath. I do not want to see anyone soaking in a bubblebath, let alone an 80 year old. (And I’m 61, so I’m not a kid making fun of ‘old people’.)

A local car dealer who uses this girl, who is probably his daughter, to read the lines as she walks by the cars in a tight outfit. Her voice is enough to shatter glass. And her accent is so thick, I have trouble understanding what she is saying.

And the “Head On” commercials, even the newer ones where they cut off the repeating to have some person say how much they love it. And the one for the scars by the same manufacturer. Yeah. I’d like to see some stuff I’d roll on my skin take away some of the scars I have. Right…:rolleyes:

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