Most bizarre funeral ever? Murdered man sits upright with eyes open, cigarette in hand at his funeral


I’ve seen it all now. :eek:


I know…creepy!


Wow, that is creepy, I can kind of understand their motivation, every funeral I have been to, the person in the casket looks almost nothing like they did in life.


It’s impossible to make the dead human body look alive, and the current culture that tries to make the bodies look “asleep” (who the heqq sleeps in a suit and tie!!!) only makes matters worse. Anything else would be better IMNAAHO.

Still, the body should probably wear dark glasses, to avoid the dead-eyes look.



yes, dark glasses would have been better, just something weird about looking into the eyes of a dead person.

When my mother died, I thought she looked ok, except for the off color of her skin, the shape of her face closely resembled her face in life, but every other funeral, the people looked very different.

I also remember going to funerals for young people when I was a kid, most of the time, they would put them in clothing they normally wore, not suits, and nice dresses.

Nowadays though, I try to avoid going up to the casket, I dont like seeing someone I knew in the casket like that.


Every time I have viewed a body, the head and hands seemed somehow shrunken. I imagine it was the lack of blood pressure that made the person seem “smaller than life.”

The body in death will never look asleep. Better to try to set them up in the way they wanted to be remembered. IMNAAHO



Wrap me in a cotton sheet, put me in a bare wood coffin, nail the lid down good and proper and bury me six feet under on consecrated ground, That’s the way it should be in my opinion. Stilll, some people like all the sentiment and flowers and stuff, but a mass being said would benefit the deceased a lot more. This is just over the top sentimentalism without too much thought for the poor guys soul.


The whole reason for a funeral is to give the survivors the “chance to say goodbye” (to someone already gone) and to consolidate their memories of the deceased. So they want to see him in a way that would not be even more tormenting to remember. OK.

The flowers and such are just a holdover from times when they were needed to repel the smell of death.



Fair enough.


The Victorian era is coming back, with a twist :smiley:


Are you referring to the practice of survivors taking photos with the deceased?


Agree, it’s more about celebrating the man being ‘alive’, as opposed to accepting the fact he has died. I can’t imagine his parents’ reaction to seeing their son sitting there in this pose, what does it achieve - a pretence that he still looks ‘alive’, with opened eyes and a cigarette in his hand, that he remains in the world and land of the living.:shrug:

He is dead. It can only be kinder to the relatives to accept the fact of his death, sooner rather than later - although they will no doubt be in shock/grief at this point and hence not taking too much in.

At least a corpse, lying in an open coffin with eyes closed, looks like it has gone to ‘sleep’, and hence is not participating in this life anymore.



Note to my family: eyes closed please. Traditional look, “laid out.” But like Simon, I too would like a pine box. And they know that.


I prefer to have no viewing. If people did not think enough to me to see me when I was alive, why bother after I’m dead.


Good point, mary, I have thought the same thing. (I feel the same way about notifying people to let them know someone has died when they never made any attempt to see them when they were alive.)

But my family would most likely still want to see family one last time.


This is a disturbing trend.


Is it a trend? I hope not!

This tops the man that was arranged in his recliner (reclining) with his Steelers team blanket, watching his team on a big screen tv, with a video of a game playing on a loop **in the funeral home! **:rolleyes:


Here you go.


What does it matter what we think? Even for ourselves, it will not be our preferences, but familial sentimentality, that determines what is done to us.



If this is the case then I am trying to imagine how my family will lay me out or should I say prop me up and pose me.:pensive:

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