Most boring Olympic sport

My top three choices:

  1. dressage ( horse riding )
  2. synchronized swimming
  3. diving


Curling, by far. Most people don’t even know what it is.

Being a jumper, I can understand the dislike of dressage. But, it is incredibly difficult and like ballet or pairs ice skating for horse and rider. However, the musical freestyle is interesting, esp if the commentators keep their mouths shut so you can hear the music!

Curling is good when there’s cute guys on the team :slight_smile:

I love curling.


  1. Rhythmic gymnastics
    2 Basketball
  2. Synchronized swimming


  1. Hockey
  2. Diving
  3. Curling

Well, when they had the Olympics here in Vancouver and I bothered to watch the sports I totally don’t care about and knew nothing about, I say that there’s enough pretty ladies in women’s curling to have some guys interested :smiley:

And some of them are from Calgary:D

:tsktsk: You just had to go there. Now we’re going to have 20 pages of comments on why it is wrong to look at a pretty woman, modestly dress I might add, competing in a boring sport. I just realized I don’t ever remember seeing a good looking guy curling.:smiley:

Edited to add my list:
Road Race - bike
Weight lifting
Badminton - an Olympic sport, really?


Dressage and synch.swimming. All others I can watch happily

Badminton definitely deserves to be an Olympic sport. The playing style bears no resemblance to the way it was played in the 18th century. Admittedly, I play the sport, so I guess I could be biased. :smiley: I think ping-pong/table tennis shouldn’t be an Olympic sport, though. ;):stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll agree with curling. Any sport where you can drink beer while playing isn’t really a sport. :smiley: I do enjoy watching it though.


I like curling too. I also enjoy hockey. I find gymnastics and swimming horribly dull.

Manitoba had a really, really, handsome player back a few years ago…I haven’t watched curling since I lived in Michigan and had easy access to it and hockey.

I was actually thinking about some other country, I can’t remember.

Is it a sin to appreciate beauty?

:tsktsk: You just had to go there. Now we’re going to have 20 pages of comments on why it is wrong to look at a pretty woman, modestly dress I might add, competing in a boring sport.

You must be thinking of rhythmic gymnastics. :eek:

Why are we judging a sport based on what spectators think of it in terms of entertainment value? Sport is sport – regardless what those won’t don’t (or can’t) participate think about it! :cool:

I’m with cb catholic, curling. Don’t get it

I quite like the dancing horsies, although it is a bizarre pastime when you think about it.
syncronized swimming is ok, if the music is good. All that smiling must get a bit tiresome though.
I know nothing about diving, being a non-swimmer, but last night’s men’s 10m diving was fantastic, and congrats to the American lad that got gold!

My top 3 most boring sports would be

  1. football (soccer)
  2. any sort of boxing
  3. some of the martial arts

I’m not a sporty person at all, and was one of the moaners who wasn’t looking forward to having the Olympics, with all the disruption that was expected, but I have to say it has been absolutely brilliant here in London! The traffic has been very quiet, and the atmosphere has been really friendly, lots of tourists really enjoying the sights, and such good humoured crowds - people wearing the colours of ther home nation, good natured banter, it’s been lovely. The police have produced figures on arrests today and there have been only 250 arrests, most of them for ticket touting. Considering the games have drawn crowds of 80,000 at the stadium not to mention 20,000 at the aquatics centre plus all the other venues it must be 150,000 every day - that’s amazing.

I’ve loved watching the athletics and the gymnastics :slight_smile:

I watched it for the 1st time during the last winter Olympics. My 1st thought was why do the women have brooms. Don’t they do enough housework at home?

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