Most Clinton emails to be released after election


Most of the emails the FBI recovered during its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system while secretary of state will not be made available until after the Nov. 8 presidential election under a timetable set by a judge on Friday, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The judge ordered the U.S. State Department to finish processing 1,050 pages of material for release by Nov. 4, just days before Americans go to the polls, the Wall Street Journal said. The paper said that material was out of what could be as much as 10,000 pages.


How convienent:rolleyes:


I wonder what ties this judge has to Obama, Hillary, or the Democrat party.


If it were not for there already being thousands of Clinton emails released, this would sound like Trump’s taxes. That is if they are even released after the election.


And Hillary’s cronies at State will decide what files are held back until after the election.

Sy, this is a lame Tu Quoque.

There is no court order to release Trump’s past tax files, and there never will be. He doesn’t have to release them.


Oh yes. :(:mad:


And they’ll be just as boring as the ones released before the election.


Some national security we have in the U.S.


While the majority of those emails may be released after the presidential election, somehow I doubt Wikileaks will be waiting till after the election to release most of their emails in regards to the Clinton campaign. Will there be what The Federalist questions as a possible, “October surprise”? Also per that link, "In an interview posted on YouTube on July 27, Assange contends the next “batches of postings” will get Hillary Clinton arrested. "


Actually they have been quite revealing!


Well, if they were already released - she is still walking around free! Doesn’t look like anything will touch Hillary. Lots of information for another good book about her


… Hillary should just make her slogan, “Yeah, I’m horrible, but Trump’s worse… so vote for me suckers !!!”

That’s essentially what every so called “supporter” of her says anyway. Valid criticism on Hillary Clinton just becomes “yeah, well Trump did this”, without responding to the actual topic at hand. Just one deflection after another.


Trump seems squeaky clean compared to Hillary - and Bill.


Ehh, Bill isn’t as bad as his wife. I’m honestly not sure if there’s any politician in America who I’d classify as worse than Hillary Clinton right now.


Can we get both Hillary and Donald arrested before the election?




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