Most Evangelical Leaders OK with Birth Control

A majority of evangelical leaders approve of artificial methods of contraception, a new survey reveals.

The National Association of Evangelicals, which represents more than 45,000 churches in the United States, released a report Tuesday showing that nearly 90 percent approve of contraception.

Several leaders, however, expressed opposition to drugs or procedures that terminate a pregnancy once conception has taken place.

“Most associate evangelicals with Catholics in their steady leadership in pro-life advocacy, and rightly so,” said Leith Anderson, president of the NAE, in a statement. “But it may come as a surprise that unlike the Catholic church, we are open to contraception.”

Evangelicals in the pews hold similar views. A 2009 poll conducted by the NAE in partnership with Gallup, Inc., found that at least 90 percent of evangelicals say hormonal/barrier methods of contraception are morally acceptable for adults.

i now see why alot of people become protestant, its very easy, your salvation is assured, and you can pleasure yourself anytime you want with no consequences. as for me i’ll stick to the hard path of chastity, temperance, and humility.

^^that. some dont believe in hell. i am surprised that some dont come out in full fledged support for gay “marrige” abortion and porn

And what are the numbers for Catholic women using birth control in the U.S.?

From the statistics I’m reading on this site, many Catholics seem to be OK with birth control, too, without becoming protestants.

It makes me sad that you are correct in this comment. The church teaches that ABC is intrinsically evil. Any Catholic out there who is using ABC for that express purpose is directly contradicting church teaching.

the catholic women that use abc are not the leaders of the catholic church. they are in a sense protestants themselves because they don’t adhere to the teachings of the church.

As stated, those Catholics who use birth control are in defiance of Church teaching, and even if they continue to present themselves for the sacraments, if they continue to defy the Church with full knowledge of what they are doing, they are in effect excommunicated and are receiving no graces from the sacraments. As one priest said, a person in mortal sin receiving Communion is like trying to feed a corpse. The sad fact is that many Catholics are Catholics in name only. They are the cafeteria Catholics who pick and choose what they want to believe. We pray for them as we pray for all those Catholic politicians who support abortion.

The practices of individual Catholics does not in any way reflect on the teachings of the Church.

Again, if 99% of Catholics are “OK” with anything that goes against Church doctrine, be it Mass on Sunday, abortion, etc., that doesn’t make it okay and doesn’t change what the Church teaches. And that is the reason I came back to the Catholic Church after being away for 38 years. This is the one place on earth that, despite all the problems, has always and will always remain true to the teachings of Christ.

Several leaders, however, expressed opposition to drugs or procedures that terminate a pregnancy once conception has taken place.

I wonder if they rightly place the pill and other hormonal ‘contraceptives’ as well as the IUD in this category? I suspect that they do not. Just sad that so many Christians (I’m including Catholics here too) are obstinate to the truth of these evil drugs and devices.


Ever wonder what percentage of Catholic priests are really OK with the idea of birth control? As a former RC, I never once heard a sermon against BC or even heard the subject brought up. In pre-Vatican II days, not everyone went up to Communion at mass. If most modern Catholics contracept or have in the past, yet still feel it is their right to the sacrament, it begs the question, is it sinful or not, do priests routinely obsolve the sins of artificial contraception? I guess I will never really know the answer but can only infer from what seems obvious.

Hopefully they open their eyes while the chance to do so exists.

I think what we’re going to see happen is one of two things:

  1. Evangelicals will grow more Catholic on this issue and realize the abortive nature of hormonal contraception and embrace the true meaning of sex and marriage. That is my hope. I think it’s definitely possible. My favorite way of explaining it to evangelicals is to point out the fact that the Church is the Bride of Christ. Christ’s love is full and total and lifegiving. He doesn’t hold anything back. He gives Her it all. And His Love creates new life. Christian marriages should be the same way or they fail to reflect Jesus. At the very least, I think its food for thought to a devout Christian.

  2. Evangelicals will grow more liberal. It’s a slippery slope from acceptance of contraception to acceptance of abortion. I hope and pray this won’t be the case.

:heart: Love is Patient

I second Brooklyn’s opinions and feelings. Being a Catholic is the most wonderful inheritance I received from my family. The Catholic Church has the right teachings, and this is more important than the otherwiswe lamentable fact that many Catholics disobey the teachings. Those who want to do the right thing, and want to have eternal life, will learn in the Catholic Church what’s the right thing to do. Those who are looking for excuses to keep sinning, will have their excuses - everybody else is doing it, many Catholics disobey, etc. Someone (Blaise Pascal?) said, there’s enough light for those who want to see, and there’s enough darkness for those who don’t want to see.

I was in New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina. The mayor of New Orleans went on radio Saturday (Aug 27, 2005) evening, and told that he received a phone call from the director of the National Hurricane Center, who warned him that this hurricane was the big one, and it was headed directly to New Orleans. The mayor also said that in the first time in New Orleans’s history, he was planning to order mandatory evacuation. As soon as I heard these words, I knew that I was going to leave the city. Sunday morning, Mayor Ray Nagin ordered mandatory evacuation. By the time he announced it, I was in my car, driving out of the city. The hurricane hit Monday morning. Many people disregarded the warning of the Director of the National Hurricane Center, and the mandatory evacuation order of the Mayor. They stayed in the city, and some of them ended up on rooftops, waiting for helicopters to rescue them, yet others drowned in the flood. You see, there was enough warning for those who wanted to heed it and evacuate, and there were enough excuses for those who didn’t want to leave.

Same thing with the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church has spoken, it has given a clear teaching on the immorality of artificial birth control, and now there is enough reason for those who believe in the infallibility of the Catholic Church’s teachings, not to use artificial birth control. Those who disobey, will disobey at their own peril, just as those who stayed behind during Hurricane Katrina stayed at their own peril. :shrug:

They call themselves catholic, but they are not. its as simple as that. i will not defend them because there is no defense they just are not really catholic. they excommunicate themselves if these birth control are abortifacents. it is also a mortal sin to use condoms and to have sex out of the bond of marriage. they are outside of the Church by their choice.

The Church counts as Catholic all who have been baptized as Catholic. It seems extreme to conclude that everyone who, say, uses condoms, is not Catholic. And, if the Church position against ABC is so strong, why is it one sees no serious effort made by priests in their homilies or in their actions, and no effort by Catholic lay organizations to effectively oppose ABC by, for example, picketing or boycotting vendors, to use your example, of condoms? It seems like when it comes to ABC the Church opposition is feeble at best.

And you are currently complaining at …a Catholic lay organization, called Catholic(dot)com, with tens of thousands of readers from around the globe, both Catholics and non-Catholics, an organization that actually does a wonderful job educating people about the teachings of the Catholic Church. :shrug: :wink:

I will once again use my Hurricane Katrina analogy. There WAS enough warning to leave the city. Employers arranged for shuttle buses to board those who didn’t have cars. The city had school buses waiting for anyone, ANYONE who wanted to board them for free, and evacuate. They couldn’t fill the buses, because people DIDN’T WANT TO evacuate. Afterwards, the same people who were too lazy to board a free bus, and evacuate, were “outraged” that they didn’t receive enough warning, to leave the city. Give me a break. I’m tired of those who constantly take the victim’s pose, and complain, complain, complain. I guess those who disobey the Church’s teaching on abortion and artificial birth control now, think they will be able to play the victim at the day of the Last Judgment: “We didn’t receive enough warning! It’s the Church’s fault!” To these people, I say: Grow up! Take responsibility for your own life! Know that at the end of the day, you will live based on your own decisions, or on the contrary, you will perish based on your own decisions! If you don’t believe me, visit the graves of Hurricane Katrina victims. 90%+ of those victims were able-bodied people who could have easily escaped the city, but they perished because they CHOSE TO ignore all warnings, and stayed in the city that was hit by the hurricane.

It’s unfortunate that any Evangelical leaders have fallen for what the world teaches as opposed to what the Bible teaches. Let’s lay one myth to rest right now. You, that’s right, you cannot control your sexual desires. I watched over years and years as the media told parents: “Your kids are going to have sex and there’s nothing you can do about it. So, get them contraception.”

I was in Catholic high school in 1973 when so-called “sex education” became mandatory. The selling point? The media, again: “Parents are not going to discuss such an icky/messy/uncomfortable subject with their kids. At least, not in a comprehensive way. That is why ‘experts’ need to add it to your kids’ education.”

So, what is the fruit of it today? One in five people in the United States are walking around with an STD. Nearly 48% of black women have genital herpes. A lot of guys are addicted to porn. This is better?

A totally wrong approach to male - female sexuality has led to ABC, abortion, STDs, proposals for same-sex marriage, increased divorce as opposed to real love and real commitment, embryonic stem cell research and calls for casual nudity in society. Condoms are not 100% effective. Chasity is.

God bless,

A priest will not be pounding on your door Monday if you missed Mass on Sunday. God and the Church does not force people to love Him.

So, we have to make an effort.

God bless,

Feeble? Where are you looking? Let’s review everything that’s happened since 1968:

1968 Pope Paul VI issues the encyclical Humanae Vitae. He knows about The Pill and he warns what the consequences will be if married Catholics don’t listen. He lays it all out.

Then some Theologians who are opposed to this idea take out a full page ad in the New York Times! A priest posted here some months ago to relate how he was approached to sign a protest letter at the time. He refused.

Then, guess what? Unleash the Hippies. Don’t trust anyone over 30! Down with the Establishment. Have sex with your girlfriend. Smoke Dope.

The Sexual Revolution was about sex not love. And the makers of birth control pills could not afford to lose sales over some Catholics listening to the Pope.

1970s A few judges, lawyers and members of organized crime open Adult Bookstores and Topless Go-Go Bars. Catholics and other Christians protested. What did we hear? We have the First Amendment Right to do all of this !! We have First Amendment Lawyers and you can’t stop us !!

And you know what the problem is with you Catholics? You’re sexually repressed!

And let’s throw in so-called Swinger magazines for people who want to commit adultery and fornication.

1973 Abortion is a right! Later, “Keep your beliefs off my body!”

1980s Porn on cable and No-Fault Divorce. TV goes increasingly dysfunctional. Movies portray divorced men as doing the right thing. Yeah, his friends tell him, you’ll find someone better.

1990s Where to begin? Church parking lots empty and mall parking lots fill up. The god of stuff is number one. Shock jocks on the radio interviewing prostitutes (relabeled as 'porn stars), filthy language on the radio, rap disrespecting women and idealizing using a gun, and then, the internet, with porn 24/7.

2000s A major Detroit newspaper runs classified ads for those seeking adultery and fornication. They label it “Wild Hearts.” After reading the ads, it’s clear the heart has nothing to do with any of it.

And the media, along with internet forums, do everything they can to discourage young people from being trained to be chaste. They laugh at chastity.

The Church has spoken and taught consistently over the last 40 years, but a pornographic media defended, or so they claim, by the First Amendment has smothered the Church’s message and continues to do so.

Now, they want to legalize marijuana. Oh yeah, that’ll help.

Turn off the TV. Realize that you can control your own sexuality.

God bless,

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