Most evangelization-focused lay orders


What are considered the most evangelization-focused lay orders?


I am not sure I understand the scope of your question. Would you be kind enough to clarify? Are you speaking in terms of what are historically the third orders secular for laity who are living in the world, such as the Dominican Laity or the Secular Franciscan Order? Or are you asking about religious orders and other institutes of consecrated life that are predominantly non-clerical, such as the Marist Brothers? By “evangelization-focused,” do you mean in terms of apostolic work, such as would be done by the Lay Missionaries of Charity, or are you using “evangelization” in a narrower sense?


I’m talking about lay orders, as in married and single people living in the world.

And by orders interested in evangelization, I mean orders that evangelize the world. (I know they all do that, but I’m interested in evangelization in the secular world in a fairly explicit manner (if the opportunity is appropriate).) I’m kind of thinking the Dominicans are maybe the best example of this.


have you looked into the St. Paul Street Evangelization?


Yes, I’ve heard of that, and I think it’s awesome!! I’d love to do it some day!


You may want to check out the Cursillo. They are not an order but movement. They are very heavy into evangelizing. The roots are charismatic.

I was involved for a while, but that style of evangelizing is not me. I was never comfortable with the group and eventually had to withdraw. It sounds like that may be what you are looking for though.


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