Most French see Islam too influential in society: poll

An increasing majority of people in France believe Islam plays too influential a role in their society and almost half see Muslims as a threat to their national identity, according to a poll published on Thursday.

The survey by pollster Ifop in Le Figaro newspaper showed that 60 percent of people believed that Islam was “too important” in France in terms of its influence and visibility, up from 55 percent two years ago.

It found that 43 percent of respondents considered the presence of the Muslim community as a threat to their national identity, compared with just 17 percent who said it enriched society. Forty percent of those questioned were indifferent to the presence of Islam, Le Figaro said.

  • Le Figaro* is considered to be a right-leaning newspaper.

Well, the French have a lot of work to do. If they return back to their Catholic faith, they probably can get their country and its culture back. This is a real issue in a number of European countries. They have had liberal immigration laws that have allowed large numbers of Muslim immigrants to come who had not intention of integrating into French society. Now France has big problems because the large groups want Sharia law to be followed. The French youth have backlashed against Muslims but it has been done with racism and violent threats. Their hope is a return to their Catholic faith.

Their only hope is return to Catholicism because secular semi-socialism with liberal social values will get crushed by the rising tide of radical Islam and neo-nazism.

Unfortunately, a lot of the left-wing elite in the Industrialized world are more than happy to just enjoy what is left and come what may, to paraphrase Pat Buchanan.

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Well, is there a question to debate here? Do you expect someone to say that “No! The French don’t think that, the poll is wrong!” Or, that “The French are wrong to think that way!” I think for there to be a debate you have to state your premise or hypothesis first.

I think this thread may have been moved here from the news forums, which is why I didn’t post any questions. If I had, it would have been regarding national identity e.g. “Is a religiously pluralistic country possible without compromising what it means to be French or American or British etc.?”



I believe it is or at least should be possible as long as people keep their faith personal and don’t try to convert you. Whenever you go to a Muslim country even as close to France as Morroco or Tunisia or Mauritania people especially women follow their rules especially when it comes to religion. You have to wear a scarf depending on where you go, hide any cross, not to show any Bible basically any other religion than Islam. Well it should be the same way round when they come to France. Which doesn’t make them racist but just strong believers in their faith. So why can’t we?
Again I don’t care what’s the faith of people as long as it doesn’t interfere with mine.

Another thing in France is that there isn’t has much catholics as it used to be. Some church are being turned into house, offices, they even wanted to turn one into a mosque a few weeks ago.
You should see the way people react when the Church tries to give its opinion eg homosexual wedding. It’s like the only thing people say is: look at your pedophiles first.
The separation between Church and State is really strong here. People just see religion as something old with no meaning in today’s life. ( its a different story if you touch All Saints holidays, Christmas Holidays, Easter holidays …) Especially when we have all the contraception to allow us to live freely. So why bothered?

You ask an interesting question. :slight_smile:

Tunisia, Morocco and Mauretania all have an official state religion, and as you might guess, it is Islam. In contrast, France and the United States do not have official religions.

But perhaps more important, our two governments were founded on the principles of liberal democracy. The shape of these governments grew out of the principles of liberal democracy which guide our cultures. These principles, I think, are what make pluralism possible, on many matters but especially with regard to religion.

Yet… despite our governments being secular, I wonder if there isn’t a sense in France that the country is Christian? Would the same objections to new mosque construction or religious customs (clothing, food, etc) be raised if churches were being built or distinctively Christian clothing were increasingly visible? Or is there an objection to any religion, even Christian?

Is there a limit to pluralism? If our countries were majority Christian, at least in the past, is this part of our national identity? Is it possible that pluralism can be tolerated only if the majority remains the same?

Yes, it seems people what to hang onto the cultural elements of Christianity, without embracing Christianity. Isn’t that interesting? I have to wonder if the loss of such things, whether to secularism or to the dominance of another religion, says something about national culture or about human nature more broadly?

The current “Peaceful state” Islam is too influential in the society !!!
Then wait till you have “Jihad state” and you would see the real influence…:cool:

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