Most Holy Family Monastery ---on to something??


I was googling around the internet and found the Most Holy Family Monastery website. I’ve spent about four hours reading everything posted. Interesting to say the least…
Anyone familiar with it and have any comments??
While a great deal of the website is absolutely crazy. I started wondering if they weren’t on to something with suggesting Vatican II is chipping away at the Catholic Church. I mean, I have been to many, many Catholic churches where I questioned the validity of the mass. In particular, allowing “round” churches that have no statues, lay people distributing the Eucharist, holding hands during the Our Father, no kneeling during Mass, lay people mimicing the motions/actions of the priest…I could go on. These things disturb me and I’ve always felt that in churches that allow this, there is less genuflecting, less respect for the Eucharist as the true Body of Christ, and less respect for Catholic tradition in general.


As far as I know, Holy Family Monastery is sedevacantist, but some of their claims are interesting. They might not be wrong about everything they say.


Care to give a few examples of the "great deal …is absolutely crazy"?
For instance:


It would be nice if someone refuted all of this…


a. John Paul II is an apostate
b. Divine Mercy something to avoid b/c it’s the devil speaking through Sister Faustina
c. Mother Theresa was a fraud who worshipped Budda
d. Sister Lucia died and was replaced by a fraud
e. you CAN NOT attend the new mass whatsoever
f. any type of cooperation with another religion/denomination is wrong
e. Jews are going to hell

I could go on…check out the website.


They make good points about the questionable validity of some of the crazy masses, I wonder about the intent of many of the priests who seem to have no belief in the real presence.

Yet we must also trust in God and give the benefit of the doubt to the possibility that even in questionable Masses the Eucharist is confected. We should give respect to God’s real presence even when it seems that others believe He is not there.

They are sedevacantist and should be considered with extreme caution as they do mix truth with error, from what people say. I know that many things that have happened in the last 40 years have been absolutely scandelous, yet we have had scandelous deeds before done by Bishops and Popes, that doesn’t make them not Bishops or Popes. Horrible behavior by Priests or the Laity does not make the Church wrong it just shows the failings of people.

Does anyone have anything specifically addressing Most Holy Family Monastery?

In Christ


this link may be helpful


I visited your links, christopher M…

has anyone found anything where someone refuted the Most Holy family’s attack on Divine Mercy?


From Navarre Bible and commentaries Luke 4:31-37

[31] And He (Jesus) went down to Capernaum, a city of Galilee. And He
was teaching them on the Sabbath; [32]and they were astonished at His
teaching, for His word was with authority.

The Cure of the Demoniac

[33] And in the synagogue there was a man who had the spirit of an unclean
demon; and he cried out with a loud voice, [34] “Ah! What have You to do with
us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are, the
Holy One of God.” [35] But Jesus rebuked him, saying, “Be silent, and come
out of him!” And when the demon had thrown him down in the midst, he came
out of him, having done him no harm. [36]And they were all amazed and said to
one another, “What is this word? For with authority and power He commands
the unclean spirits, and they come out.” [37] And reports of Him went out into
every place in the surrounding region.


33-37. Jesus now demonstrates by His actions that authority which was evident
in His words.

  1. The demon tells the truth here when he calls Jesus “the Holy One of God”,
    but Jesus does not accept this testimony from the “father of lies” (John 8:44).
    This shows that the devil usually says something partially true in order to disguise
    untruth; by sowing confusion in this way, he can more readily deceive people. By
    silencing and expelling the demon, Jesus teaches us to be prudent and not let
    ourselves by deceived by half-truths.


“Do not allow yourselves to be offended by the imperfect while you strive for the perfect.” --St. Augustine

I totally hear your frustration, because some of the things you’ve mentioned irritate me as well, but I guess I don’t understand the insinuation that just because a Mass is of the TLM variety it’s automatically done by the numbers. I know that liturgies of the “novus ordo” are a little shaky sometimes, but this is the standard way that the Church celebrates. We will get it right eventually, but in the meantime, none of these things that you’ve mentioned invalidate the Sacrament.

According to “Built of Living Stones: Art, Architecture, and Worship,” the US Council of Bishops’ statement on art and environment in the worship space:

"§ 137 § The placement of images can be a challenge, especially when a number of cultural traditions are part of a single parish community and each has its own devotional life and practices. Restraint in the number and prominence of sacred images is encouraged to help people focus on the liturgical action that is celebrated in the church. "
Is it really true that the churches you don’t like have NO statues? I would think that the improper gestures and lack of genuflecting, etc., point more to a lack of catechesis than to any irreverance per se, though the end result DOES look the same.

You have lots to offer…why don’t you become a catechist at your parish?


Another thread on the Dimond brothers? :shrug:

WARNING: The Most Holy Family Monastery
The Most Holy Family Monastery
Br Dimond Debate

And they are the more recent threads.


Thank-you :thumbsup: just what I needed, I won’t waste my time with it after what you highlighted.


This may not always be true! I have been witness to a mass where the priest ad libbed the words of the Consecration…in a church full of people (about 1,000) and I knew there was no Jesus whatsoever. Although this was my second mass fo the day (thank God I received Jesus in the first mass)…I became so upset that I suffered an angina attack and needed to take medication! Al these people went up for communion and just received a wafer!!! We need to be aware that there are some priests who take upon themselves to make up their own words! May the lord have mercy on their souls!


Your right, it is not always true.

I mean as a general rule even though we might not be sure, then we should always act as if Jesus is there.

Now of course there are some exceptions when we are certain that Jesus isn’t there such as your example. I am talking as a general rule even at some iffy Masses where people are acting all silly.

I have been to LA Religious Congress and even in all that craziness, Jesus was present, so I genuflected when He passed even though it seemed as if no-one cared.

God Bless


This is actually one of the benefits of the words of consecration being said aloud so all can hear–everyone knows whether or not it happened.

There was a time in history when priests in mortal sin would simply omit the words of consecration, and since they were usually said inaudibly, no one knew (they didn’t want to communicate in mortal sin). Pope Innocent III and St. Catherine of Siena both wrote about how scandalously often this happened. People adored bread wthout knowing it. St. Catherine wrote that the faithful who adored bread without knowing it were not guilty of sin.


Thank you. I was very inspired by the St. Augustine quote and I find it very helpful when I become frustrated.


I went to those threads, but not one of them was discussing what I wanted to discuss about the Most Holy Family Monastery. But, thank you for checking if I had seen them.


What you posted was enough reason for me NOT to go to the website!:eek:


I was mostly interested in the Most Holy Fam. Mon.'s attack on Divine Mercy. They pulled exerpts from Sr. Faustina’s journal where she claimed the Lord had spoken to her. Some of the quotes did not sound like things Christ would say to a person (not that I know what he would say). It made me wonder about the Divine Mercy and had anyone other than Most Holy Fam. Mon. ever questioned the validity Sr. Faustina’s/Divine Mercy.


My parish used to be “Most Holy Family Monastery”. It is where the movement got it’s start. When the Monastery was started it was legitimate, however with the imposition of the Novus Ordo and the refusal of the priest to say it the place fell out of communion with the Diocese.

When the founder, Brother Joseph Natale died, a man who was a resident there, Michael Dimond took over. Things got very scary then from what I understand.

Anyway he took everything from there and moved to New York to another property. The lay people however fought for the property and won in civil court. They then asked Bishop McHugh for the Latin Mass and got permission for it.

Today we are in full communion with Rome, and the first canonically established Mission Church staffed by a Roman Catholic Diocese that enjoys the use of the 1962 Missal for all Masses and the Rituale Romanum for all Sacraments.

Pay no attention to Michael Dimond or his brother. They are definitely off the deep end. Things got really crazy down here when he took over. He didn’t even show up in court to try and win back the property in Berlin- just abandoned it- a four acre property and huge house and new chapel.


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